SOCIAL VIDEO – Tha Evolu Feelin’

Introducing EvoluData to a new audience

Type: Social Media Marketing
Playing time: 29 seconds
Format: Rich Media Video

Making office collaboration work

 Collaboration and teamwork is generally seen as a good thing in offices around the world.  Yet, rarely is it given the serious attention it deserves as a contributor to productivity.  EvoluData is a Canadian open source software company that specializes in helping enterprise departments to make teamworking a differentiating productivity tool.  

What did we do?

We were asked to put together a social media marketing campaign to focus attention towards the importance of teamworking and the value that EvoluData can bring.  As a start-up, it was important for the EvoluData management team to introduce the brand to a new audience ‘in the right way’ by focusing on a positive high-energy message that reflected the value and passion found in the business.  We came up with the slogan ‘That Evolu Feelin‘ to highlight how good it feels to be part of a high-energy team.  It resonated with the management team and led to this campaign made up of a series of inspirational short videos being run throughout 2020.