About us

Helping businesses unlock their potential

We help organisations grow, blending strategy with marketing, data, and technology.

Our Purpose

Newton Day exists to promote great ideas, turn them into successful enterprises and play our small part in making ideas happen that change the world for good.

We like to work hard, bounce ideas and think creatively. With our knowledge of business growth, digital engagement and modern growth tools, our team can help make your next big idea happen.

We’re a UK business with a global footprint. We help companies achieve their goals by designing and executing achievable growth plans, while innovating smarter ways to engage with customers.

Our Culture

Tea or Coffee drinker?  Energy drink fan?  We value the things that make us individuals and safeguard personal choices.  Several of our multicultural extended team are neurodiverse.  More than anything, we care that our team is happy and feels supported in their work.

Despite our friendly, impassioned culture, there are occasions when we do get serious. We feel strongly about fair play and building trust by delivering on our promises. We were one of the first companies to establish a four-day 25-hour work week.  All work and no play…

Being a virtual business, we’ve developed methods and tools to work together in a way that keeps our team engaged, safe, warm and, importantly – still a team.

Meet our CEO

Our Team

Ian Tomlin

Founder & CEO

Erica Birtles

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Mason Alexander

Digital Director

Chloe Mumford

Head of Digital Engagement

Eve Bluma Contact Profile

Eve Bluma

Editor in Chief & SEO Specialist

Kieran Bujdoso

Kieran Bujdoso

Digital Technician

We’re social

It was great to have the whole team together for our end-of-year meeting. Speaking of social, why not follow us on one of our channels?

two minute reads

Our Sister Company

Newton Day is a seed investor in the topic-focused online publishing platform two-minute reads (chatreact Ltd), the place to go snack on the latest industry news. Check it out at twominutereads.com or download the app.

See our work

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