Who We Are

Commerce has always been about supply and demand.  Today, business success comes from being the best at generating demand, more so than supply.

Businesses like yours can grow faster by blending a creative flair with pragmatic plans and clever tools.

Our Purpose

Remember Sir Isaac Newton and his apple-drop moment?  We exist to create apple-drop moments for clients.  We exist to inject inspirational ideas into Global 2000 blue chip brands and high-growth companies, delivering circular marketing solutions underpinned by our creativity to persuade more people to want what you do.

What We Do

We are pioneers in the new frontier of community-centric marketing.  We help brands to transition from high-cost, ineffective transactional outreach to value-building community-centric methods ad techniques.

We create unique brand signatures  that bring a visual clarity and coherency to your brand communications, so audiences always know when a communication comes from your business.  Your original brand signature tells the best visual story of your brand-and it’s unique in every way to make sure you stand out in a crowd.

We run programs of collaborative subject-matter-led events on behalf of brands that help them to communicate and build their value to the community of interest they serve (and belong to).


A UK headquartered business with a global footprint of clients, we like to deliver results that bring a smile to the faces of clients.  Our team can help to make your next big idea happen.

Our Culture

Tea or coffee drinker? We value the things that make us individuals and safeguard personal choices.  Many of our team are neurodivergent, all have a drive for creativity.  More than anything, we care that our team is happy and supported in their work.  You get better results that way.

We were one of the first companies to establish a 4-day 25-hour work week.  We’ve developed an approach to working together that works for us. We try our best to keep our people engaged, safe, healthy and, importantly, still feeling like part of a team.

Despite our friendly, supportive culture, there are times when we do get serious. We feel strongly about fair play, producing high quality results and delivering on our promises.

We’re proud to be the founders of theuwi.com, social enterprise focused on neurodiversity and diversity employment in all its forms.

Our Team

Ian C. Tomlin

Founder & CEO

Erica (Tomlin) Birtles

Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Mason Alexander Tomlin

Digital Director

Chloe Mumford

Head of Digital Engagement

Eve Bluma Contact Profile

Eve Bluma

Editor in Chief & SEO Specialist

Kieran Bujdoso

Jake Ellis

Event Management

We’re social

newton day company meetup

It was great to have the whole team together for our end-of-year meeting. Speaking of social, why not follow us on one of our channels?

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