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We are Growth Engineers, a new hybrid form of advisory-led marketing company. A UK business with an international  footprint, we are about helping companies to make conversation – to win customers at scale.  We tell their story, help them to identify, understand and reach their audience.  Our fresh thinking, creatives, geeks, and program managers set clients on a path to success through ideas, clarity, energy, and methods that go into creating profitable conversations.

The thing is we are pretty humble. We are all about building a happy squad who love their jobs; who like working together to help people to achieve their ambitions.

There are occasions when we do get serious.  We are passionate about fair play and building trust by delivering on our promises.

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We exist to engineer growth, to make the ideas happen that change the world to the good.  We create wealth and nurture the passions of people who are busy finding new ways to solve old problems.  Having a sounding board, and throwing ideas around with people who know how marketing works can make a real difference.

We help our customers adopt a well-trodden path to predictable wealth creation.  We help businesses to adopt a small set of repeatable positive behaviors in their sales and marketing, while leveraging methods and tools to optimize productivity. 

Our methods and virtual team will help you turn your big idea into a successful business.

When Wealth Creation is Good For Communities (and the Planet)

Wealth creation can be a positive thing not only for enterprise founders, but for those employed, the communities that share in that wealth. It grows pride and builds self-esteem.  We look to work with companies that have one eye on their growth, another on the health of the planet we rely on and cherish.

Newton Day is named after the scientist – Sir Isaac Newton – and that famous moment when our hero Isaac got hit on the head by an apple and discovered gravity.  Seeing the same old problems in a new way can produce eureka moments.  Another scientist, Albert Einstein, famously said, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’  We’d agree. Some fresh outside-in thinking helps to unblock log jams and stimulate ideas whenever you hit a crossroads.

Every day our fresh thinking and capable services help companies to turn ideas into profitable businesses.

A Few Words About Diversity

We care about fair-play, people bringing their whole-self to work, and we value the things that make us—as individuals—different.  We know that a diverse workforce is healthy for our work culture, and it’s good for business—no platitudes necessary.  We respect the diverse backgrounds of individuals and safeguard their life choices. 



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