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‘Apple Drop’ Moments


Brands that follow rules don’t stand out.
‘Different’ takes fresh thinking.



  • Sharpen up your audience definitions
  • Tell your story,  describing the job you do
  • Bring colour and authenticity to your brand
  • Shape your marketing and lead generation strategy
  • Design and implement programs that lead to profitable conversations
  • Amplify your digital marketing and social media presence
  • Bang the drum to grow your sales pipeline


…and how we do it we describe in this site.

We Make Ideas Happen that Change the World

Content and marketing leads that fail to deliver results are a cost burden to your B2B business.  Sometimes, even leads that bring orders don’t deliver profit.   We set clients on a path to serve up profitable conversations.   Using our fresh thinking ©SONAR2 conversational marketing methods and digital platform, we help clients craft and amplify profitable conversations across all four sales phases (seduce, engage, delight and grow).  We help businesses bring ideas to market that change the world.  If you’re a tech founder, we can help.  Ready to get started?   

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“Our USP started out as our technology.  Now, it’s our presence in the industry. Thanks, Newton Day.”

Michael Chambers, Chairman, Answer Pay

“Working with Newton Day takes you out of your comfort zone. You don’t talk about features anymore, but customer problems.”

Marc Laporte, CEO, EvoluData

“You went above and beyond to put yourself in our shoes, apply your expertise… you give us a lot more motivation to work on our marketing.”

Bilal Itani, CEO, Modular

“We were looking for someone who could challenge our thinking, simplify our thinking; take our deep understanding of our topic and make it more consumable.”

Julian Graham-Rack, CEO, PrinSIX

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