Growth Engineering

Accelerate your business growth

triple bottom line

Our goal is your growth

What is growth engineering anyway?

Marketing is an experiment, but it’s one you can regulate, measure, and repeatedly improve every 90-days.

Growth engineering is about designing a root and branch approach to growth planning and execution. We manage AND run it.

We step you through the DESIGN, EXECUTE, LEARN & ADAPT journey.

Why complicate things?

Our 6-step approach is designed to make the habits you need for tomorrow, today.


Work out what makes your business special


Recognise good and bad marketing habits


Tell your story and make your proposition clear


Shape and amplify your brand


Run effective, joined-up marketing campaigns every 90-days


Keep up the pace of growth with frequent scrums

What we deliver

Newton Day was created when our audience of B2B tech companies told us they were fed up herding cats – lots of agencies doing bits of pieces of content, activity, etc. producing limited oversight or results.

We wanted to create an outsourced marketing advisory team that took responsibility for achieving growth results.

We engineer growth programs and deliver them through our close knit team and partner network with a wide variety of skills and services – all for less than the monthly cost of a marketing assistant.

Group of businesspeople having a discussion


Our growth strategists will draw out what makes you special and create a scorecard for growth.



We manage your growth program to make sure that everything gets done when it needs to be done.



Google’s opinion matters. We know how to get the most out of your website and digital conversations.


Graphic Design

Our graphic design team delivers engaging videos, infographics, ads, presentations, logos, icons and original graphics.


Product Marketing

We build out your product marketing capabilities adopting Job-To-Be-Done, Blue Ocean and Pragmatic Marketing methods.


Social Media Marketing

It’s vital to keep your followers engaged. We work round the clock updating our client’s social media accounts with fresh content.


Technical Copywriting

Our copywriters are capable of producing engaging website content, articles, white papers, reports, etc on various technical topics.



Nothing trumps original insight. We author research reports and studies to evidence industry issues.

Excited to accelerate growth?

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