Looking for Kick-Ass Growth Results?

Leave behind the snake oil promises of lead-gen firms

Growth Engineering : How It Works

Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) have a place in business but you won’t succeed just by dreaming big

Success in wealth creation comes from landing on the right habits, to relentlessly repeat them, and always improving through marginal gains.

Hellishly hard work.  Somewhat unpredictableBut it worksLearn about Growth Engineering.

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Work with us and we’ll take you through the following steps:


We will spend time with you to listen and take you through a few exercises to work out what makes your business special.


We will expose your Positive Marketing Habits and frame the things you will need to create a healthy marketing engine.


We will help you to tell your story turning it into a persuasive proposition that cuts through noise using the smallest amount of words.


We will write a marketing plan that sets out how to GROW YOUR BUSINESS at pace with the aid of our marketing team to set an unrelenting fast tempo


If our plan is accepted,  we will create conversational paths for each campaign, mapping out the journeys your customer will take


We kick-off your marketing program, setting a frequent MARKETING SCRUM to keep your sales pipeline working to the highest tempo!

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We install positive habits that produce results LIKE THIS

boom and bust arrows

Not boom and bust marketing LIKE THIS

We take the guesswork out of marketing.  You get access to an experienced virtual CMO backed up by a full-service marketing agency.  We invest in your business, constantly working to make you and your team successful.

Ian Tomlin Bio Picture

Meet Ian Tomlin (CEO)

Ian is a B2B tech lazy marketing guru a pioneer in Growth Engineering and founder of Newton Day.

After a sales leadership career in B2B tech spanning a decade, he established the Management Consulting firm NDMC Consulting in 2002 before founding the Digital Document Company ENCANVAS with Andrew and Nick Lawrie in 2006.

In the 1990s, Ian employed his marketing skills in a string of blue-chip tech companies including ADP, Canon and Cedar Enterprise Solutions. He founded the Growth Engineering company Newton Day in 2017.

He continues to hold a series of Non-Executive board roles.

What we do to fuel your marketing engine


It takes a bag-load of skills to make digital marketing work these days. We’ve put together an awesome team of experts that work closely together every day to make sure we’re achieving your outcomes. This is what you get from your virtual marketing team – all for less than the monthly cost of a marketing assistant:


Our marketing strategists know the in’s and out’s of making marketing work for businesses of all types.

Product Marketing

We will build out your product marketing capabilities adopting Job-To-Be-Done (JTBD), Blue Ocean and Pragmatic Marketing methods.

Program Mgmnt.

We manage your marketing program to make sure that everything gets done when it needs to be done.


The opinion that matters most is Google.  We know how to get the most out of your website and your digital conversational journeys.

Graphic Design

Our graphics designers are always busy producing infographics, ads, presentations, animated gifs, logos, icons and original graphics

Social Media Marketing

Our social media team works at a relentless pace, running scheduled weekly programs to maintain a constant voice on social channels for our clients

Technical Copywriting

Our technical copywriters will produce the website content, articles, white papers, reports and guides.  They know enough to credibly write on technical topics.


Sometimes, nothing beats original insight.  We produce research reports and studies to gain an appreciation of industry issues and behaviors