This is how we told the corporate story of EvoluData,
the open source enterprise software company

Type: Corporate
Playing time: 1 min, 49 seconds / 3 mins, 25 seconds
Format: Rich Media Video

Telling the corporate story of EvoluData

EvoluData is a young technology start-up with a focus on open source enterprise information management software.  What makes the company so different is it’s culture of collaboration and passion for sharing wealth across the open source software community.  What EvoluData needed was a way of sharing its business value and story to its internal (and closely connected) audience.

What did we do?

The story of EvoluData had to be told in a way that resonated with its extended community of workers that include a large group of contractors located across five contingents.  Anyone who’s worked with open source developers and practitioners knows they’re a very special bunch of people with deep-rooted values that embrace goodwill, collaboration and a strong social conscience. To get the story right, the project team needed to steer a careful line between the company values of the team and the enterprise ‘corporate’ business values of its audience.  We produced two flavors of the video, one slighter longer and more comprehensive than the other.