Attracting visitors to the stand at ProcureCon Expo for a global Managed Solutions Provider

Type: Social Media Marketing
Playing time: 21 seconds
Format: Rich Media Video

Telling the corporate story of EvoluData

Workspend is a global Managed Services Provider (MSP) that helps enterprises to establish an on-demand workforce.  The company has a reputation for technology and process innovation, driven by a pioneering spirit and commitment to helping people find great careers.  ProcureCon is one of the biggest events in the calendar for Workspend and the copmany didn’t want to miss the opportunity to draw a crowd at its booth by promoting the event on social media.

What did we do?

As part of a joined up messaging campaign, we worked with the marketing team at Workspend to come up with a social media ‘lead video’ that would center the focus of the marketing effort towards the core values that Workspend wanted to present. The key mesage was around exploring (new) options for a flexible workforce.  In this video, we wanted to keep the event details visible for as long as possible!