This is how USTECH SOLUTIONS introduce their
icompany to customers and prospects

Type: Sales Pitch, Promotional
Playing time: 1 min, 41 seconds 
Format: Rich Media Video

Introducing new starters to USTECH SOLUTIONS

USTECH SOLUTIONS is a leader in on-demand workforce solutions serving the large enterprise market.  It’s customers include five of the Fortune 100 and includes financial services, pharmaceuticals, technology and manufacturing companies.  Central to the company’s brand is its passion for people and creating work-life adventures for its contractors, one adventure at a time. USTECH SOLUTIONS wanted a sales pitch video it could use to tell its corporate story focusing on values and outcomes, not solutions.

What did we do?

We worked with the sales leadership team to understand how the video would be used in sales situations, also what the video needed to pursuade the customers/prospects to think.   From this we came up with a simple storyboard.  Having gained approval from the salesteam (and having tested the video story on some existing customers to make sure it reflected their own understanding of what made USTECH SOLUTIONS  different) we produced the final video story presented blow.