Telling the story of an innovative software
business that knows its way around AI

Type: Explainer
Playing time: 2 mins, 35 seconds
Format: Animated

Turning an AI-enabled software business into a story of people and talent

 Simplify Workforce is a leading-edge workforce management software company.  The team began delivering Vendor Management Software (VMS) used in the governance and operation of staffing vendors who go to create an on-demand workforce supply-chain.   In the last two-years, the growing R&D team has levered new business value from artificial intelligence and chat-bot technologies. In it’s latest release, Simplify has outstretched its competition by re-defining the possibilities of total talent management workforce portals.

What did we do?

We created a storyboard of the key messaging the marketing team had been working on and crafted a script that reduced the ‘big story’ into something that could be told in under three minutes.  From here, we re-worked and re-told the story to simplify the messaging so that non-technical senior management audience could grasp the business value from the software, not spend three-minutes trying to understand it.