We interviewed a customer of NDMC
to tell its customer value story…

Type: Promotional, Educational
Playing time: 22 mins, 45 seconds 
Format: Rich Media Video

Telling the story of NDMC through customer interviews

NDMC is a management consulting company that specializes in helping enterprise customers to design and orchestrate their business models in the best possible way.  A major construct in NDMC‘s offer is its use of theEncanvas High Productivity application Platform-as-a-Service (HPaPaaS) software to design applications to manage business activities in the most effective way.  In this series of videos with NDMC customers, we interviewed customers to explore the value they gained from working withNDMC and using the Encanvas software platform.

What did we do?

Working with the human resources team, we agreed what knowledge needed to be imparted to new-starters.  From this we developed couresware for use on the company’s computer-based training system.  To bring some variety and interest to the induction process, we agreed with managers which aspects of the content could be presented in an animated video format.  The short-format video has proved popular with new-starters.