A project to produce an explainer video for an
innovative open source enterprise software company
with a passion for delivering customer outcomes

Type: Explainer
Playing time: 57 seconds
Format: Animated

A story about clever open source enterprise tech solutions

EvoluData is a start-up that isn’t. The brand is the brain-child of open source software company WikiSuite CEO Marc Laporte, EvoluData is a relatively new business that specializes in helping enterprise companies to realize the potential of FREE open source information management software.  Located in Canada, and with operations on five continents,  the company’s services include hosting, design, development, delivery, support and training.   

What did we do?

We worked with the management team to drill down to the key strengths passions and customer value messages the new start-up.  Having got the ‘story straight’ we set about articulating it in less than a minute for use on the company’s website.  This is what we produced.