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We’re a different kind of B2B technology company.  Not that kind, the other kind 

There’s always a third way of thinking about something.  At Newton Day, we’re passionate about creating ‘apple dropping moments.’  We’re a business-to-business marketing agency and we specialize in helping technology-centric companies to grow.  Examine our case stories and you’ll notice that our unique approach to tech marketing blends three disciplines:

Conversational Marketing – Aligning sales and marketing effort and resources around making every customer sales conversation profitable.

Sales Enablement – Setting the conditions for sales by equipping salespeople with the know-how, content, tools and resources to perform at their maximum potential.

Tech ‘Specialist’ Marketing – We’re  practitioners in B2B technology company marketing.  Our team has been helping large and small tech companies to achieve their ambitions for over three decades and we love what we do.

Marketing for technology companies is about supporting all four phases of the sales lifecycle

In the pursuit of new business, it’s easy for maturing technology companies to invest too little in RETAINING and GROWING existing customer sales. The marketing spend is often focused on this one area. Yet, it’s four times easier to sell products to an existing customer as opposed to a new customer.

Your business can grow faster if it balances its marketing spend across all FOUR areas of the sales lifecycle. That means investing to make sure existing customers remain, and opportunities to sell additional products and services to customers are exploited.  Take a look at the four phases below.  How well are you balancing YOUR marketing spend?

The Four Sales Life-Cycle Phases


Your customers are out there somewhere. But how do you tempt and entice them? We design conversational paths that will seduce prospects into talking to you.


Customers might be interested in your offer, but it doesn’t sell itself. Sales Enablement is about equipping your sales team to consistently and repeatedly win profitable sales. Find out how we can help.


You want to keep the customers you win. Makes sense. That takes more than delivering on promises these days. Harvesting sales account intelligence and planning for the next steps in your sales journey need to start early.


The skills your team needs to nurture and grow accounts by selling new product lines differs from new business sales and retention teams. We advocate treating your sales harvesting as a separate and unique process. You’ll need detailed insights into what customers want.


Tell Your Story

We’re passionate about conveying YOUR STORY in a way that will resonate with your prospects and customers.  Sometimes it pays to take a step back to re-visit how customers ACTUALLY perceive the value your enterprise creates.  The foundation of story telling is to get to the heart of your purpose, vision and customer offers.  The ideal outcome is a customer value proposition that’s so simple and easy to target that the effort needed to bring it to the attention of the target audience is dramatically reduced. Our innovative storybook approach helps engage with and gain consensus across your senior management team.

Create A Compelling Product Proposition

We use an applied (shortened) version of the Balanced Scorecard to help shape customer value propositions in-line with your organizational purpose, strategy and audience expectations.  It’s never a simple process to create a game-changing value proposition.  Much of the work we do is about identifying the best possible business model maximize your profit potential and create an unfair advantage against your competitors. How?  We confess, it’s part method served with a healthy lump of experience and a side-order of grim determination to grind out the best possible answer for your enterprise!

Make New Customers

It’s engaging, entertaining and highly contextualized content that creates profitable sales conversations. Whatever the media, be it webinars, blogs, whitepapers, email campaigns, or more, our approach is always to help make you stand-out; with all of our programs shaped by a data-centric approach driven by audience insight. Our senior team members have each held strategic and product leadership roles in bluechip and start-up technology companies serving business customers in the US, Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia. It means that we understand a bit about your markets, what you’re trying to do, how you’re trying to get there, and the contribution we can make. Combine our integrated approach, market and technical understand with creative designers and program managers we visualising stories is another area we excel in. Check-out our case stories for examples of informative guides, though-leading ebooks, entertaining videos and eye-catching infographics – content that will inspire your audience.

Delight Customers

While it’s five times less costly to sell to existing customers compared to winning new customers, opportunities to retain customers and expand sales to new products and services doesn’t happen if the customer promise falls short in practise.  The sad fact is that few suppliers deliver the quality of service they aspire to.  At Newton Day, we believe delivering on promises and reflecting the brand voice is essential as a sales platform for repeat customer business.  To help to achieve that ambition, we work with senior teams to identify short-comings on customer experience and ‘problem solve’ with our portfolio of capabilities.  That means creating (or back-filling) the right blend of people, process, technology and data required to build a platform for repeat customer sales.

A Guide to B2B Technology Marketing

Updated for 2020

Discover the latest SECRETS in B2B TECHNOLOGY MARKETING with our FREE practitioner’s guide

Sales Enablement is about equipping  salespeople with the know-how, content and tools to achieve sales success.  In the digital age, customers are less likely to start a sales cycle by speaking to a salesperson.  How you equip your salesperson requires a re-think of how your sales processes work, and the tools used to build a predictable sales pipeline.  Read it today…

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