The Podcast Boom

Why Audio Storytelling is Reshaping B2B Marketing

Are you making the most of podcasts in your marketing?  If you aren’t, perhaps you should be. Read this article and check out the case for podcasting in B2B >

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Ian C Tomlin

The business TO BUSINESS MARKETING landscape is shifting, and savvy B2B brands are ditching stale white papers and dry webinars for a more personal, immersive approach: podcasts.  ARE YOU DOING ENOUGH TO JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON? 



 In the age of information overload, podcasts cut through the noise, forging intimate connections with target audiences and influencing buying decisions in ways traditional marketing tactics simply can’t.  They have emerged as a powerful medium for thought leadership, with their intimate, long-form format fostering trust and deeper engagement.

A 2023 Sprout Social report shows that 68% of B2B marketers utilize podcasts, and brands like Accenture and IBM have seen remarkable success.

Accenture’s “Innovation Nation” podcast boasts over 3 million downloads, showcasing their expertise and attracting C-suite listeners.  “Podcasts allow you to build intimate relationships with your audience, one voice at a time.”Podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium for thought leadership, with their intimate, long-form format fostering trust and deeper engagement.  

“B2B marketing needs to be less about selling and more about building relationships,” asserts Michael Bungay Stanier, author of “The Coaching Habit.”

Podcasts tap into this need beautifully. By offering valuable insights, engaging interviews, and authentic storytelling, businesses can establish themselves as thought leaders, educate potential customers, and build trust, loyalty, and brand advocacy.

“Podcasts allow you to build intimate relationships with your audience, one voice at a time.”Tom Webster, a renowned digital strategist.

Success Stories Speak Volumes

The podcast format allows for in-depth discussions, nuanced storytelling, and emotional connection, all of which traditional marketing often lacks. Complex topics become digestible, nuanced arguments are explored, and audiences are drawn into the narrative, making them more receptive to new ideas and perspectives. As Brian Solis, author of “Lifescale,” puts it, “In a world increasingly focused on the visual, audio has the power to move us emotionally and intellectually.”

Some notable B2B brands have made podcasting work.  Here are some examples:

“Marketing Smarts by Salesforce” consistently tops B2B podcast charts, attracting C-suite executives with actionable tips and industry expert interviews. Their host, Carmen Simon, notes, “We’re not just providing information; we’re sparking conversations and building a community.”

“Inside Intercom” by the customer support platform Intercom, exemplifies the power of vulnerability and transparency. By openly discussing company challenges and celebrating wins, they foster a relatable connection with fellow entrepreneurs.

“Shopify Masters” by e-commerce giant Shopify empowers small business owners with practical advice and success stories, driving brand loyalty and boosting customer retention.

Forget stuffy webinars and white papers, the microphone holds the key to B2B influence in 2024

So, You Want to Host Your Own Podcast?

While the barrier to entry for podcasting is lower than ever, it’s not magic.

Here’s what you need:

A Host with Oodles of Personality and Charm

 You will want to build a following, and to do that your host will need to have an X-factor that drags in your audience.

A Strong Concept

A clear focus or theme to attract and retain listeners.


A decent microphone, headphones, recording software, and a quiet space. Quality matters, but you don’t need a professional studio setup to get started.

Proficient Editing and Publishing Skills

Some basic audio editing to ensure smooth flow and eliminate mistakes.

It’s all about Quality Content and Consistency

Regular publishing along a common story path, with a regular host to a common audience is key to building a loyal audience. 


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A Podcast is a Channel, Not an Event

It’s no good thinking of a podcast in the same frame as once only webinar events, they are a completely different beast.

 You need to plan a podcast as if it were an always-on white labelled radio station with a regular host, regular programs, and a coherent focal point of content topic that appeals to your target audience.  

It’s a long-haul game, where you need to invest a great deal of energy, investment and time into your channel to build a listenership.

Just like online apps, your first challenge is to build sufficient value to draw the attention of your audience if you are to avoid obscurity.

It really is a ‘clicks to cash’ – or in this case an ‘ears to cash’ 😉 business model!

And you will need to invest in some pretty solid digital equipment upfront to make sure the quality of your productions pass muster.


Partner image 3

Podcasts are a fantastic way to bring the powers of personality and communication to your B2B marketing outreach.


In conclusion, the podcasting revolution is reshaping B2B marketing. 

That said, not every B2B business has a podcast potential. Some topics will be too dry.  Others won’t have a large following of listeners owing to variances in audience trends and behaviors.  Furthermore,

Podcasts offer a B2B marketing goldmine when done well.  Podcasts can build trust, educate audiences, and influence buying decisions through valuable content, engaging storytelling, and authentic connection.

Done poorly, they represent one more drain on your scarce marketing resources.

If running your own podcast is not for you, you might consider jumping on the shows of other podcasters who already have a mature audience. 

You might even want to hire known podcasters as micro-influencers!  Podcast hosts are gaining traction as trusted voices, opening doors for brand partnerships and collaborations. With their dedicated followings and engaged communities, they’re emerging as powerful micro-influencers in the B2B space. Brands are starting to take notice, partnering with relevant podcast hosts for sponsored segments, guest appearances, and even co-created content. This not only expands reach but also leverages the host’s established trust and credibility with their audience.

Don’t give up before you start.  Running your own podcast is doable!  Focus on a clear theme, invest in decent equipment, polish your editing skills, prioritize consistency … and you will find yourself regularly preaching to a willing audience of followers!

So, don your headphones, tune into success stories, and consider lending your own voice to the B2B podcasting sphere.

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