Bossing the AI Bots

How Managers and SMEs are Becoming Super-Producers with AI

AI is forging the art of asking the right questions.  Are you leveraging your subject matter expertise to become an AI boss?

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Ian C Tomlin

Writer’s block?  Who needs it!  AI conjures up high-quality content ideas, blog posts, even social media captions AND RESEARCH BRIEFS – ALL freeing up your time TO deliver, strategize and innovate without the overheads of running a large team of content producers.  Are you capitalizing on your opportunity TO BECOME A SUPER-PRODUCER?


The landscape of marketing is shifting from slick slogans and curated narratives to a more nuanced narratives. In this arena, a curious paradox emerges: the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is paving the way for a renaissance of human expertise, specifically in the art of asking the right question.  It means that subject matter experts (SMEs) who know what the answers broadly should be, can leverage their talents and serve themselves to produce more, with less human-power.

Equipped with the right regenerative AI, those individuals with the knowledge to frame questions, and know what a good answer looks like, can obviate manual research and content creation task.  These ‘super-producers’ are transforming the workplace, reducing or removing the need for offices and subordinates, where team briefings and workshops are being replaced with a laptop and AI bot willing to craft any answer, faster than you can frame the question!

AI Bots Are Harnessing a Skillset Every Manager Has

All managers principally know how to frame a request; they do it daily with their human teams. AI bots, like are refining this skillset, specifically the expertise of framing and curating the right question.

“The ability to frame questions, not just answer them, is becoming the superpower of the future,” declares author and tech futurologist Kevin Kelly in his 2022 book, “The Inevitable: Understanding 12 True Forces That Shape Our World.” Kelly’s prescient observation rings true in the context of AI-powered marketing tools like, where the quality of the query dictates the quality of the output.

When regenerative AI, nobody really knew how it would impact knowledge working roles in business.  What it appears to be doing is eradicating a layer of content creation by equipping managers with more firepower to harness their knowledge, without the flesh or downtime.

An Army of Digital Copywriters

Enter the knowledge expert, armed with years of domain-specific wisdom and a newfound ability to harness AI’s vast capabilities. By wielding as their “digital copywriter,” they can frame powerful questions that unlock insightful content, persuasive arguments, and data-driven strategies. This bypasses the traditional marketing team, whose creative energy, while valuable, can be outmatched by the precision and agility of AI guided by a skilled interrogator.

“The future of marketing isn’t about flashy campaigns,” explains marketing thought leader Mike Stelzner in a 2023 Forbes interview. “It’s about understanding your audience at a deeper level and delivering content that genuinely resonates. AI can help you analyze data and personalize messages, but it’s the human insight that sets the right questions and unlocks that deeper understanding.”


In a World Fuelled by AI Digital Bots, The Question Meister is King

The evidence is already piling up. In a 2023 study by McKinsey & Company, companies adopting AI-powered marketing tools reported a 25% increase in customer engagement and a 17% boost in conversions. However, the study also highlighted a crucial caveat: success hinged on the ability to translate business goals into effective AI queries. This, once again, puts the spotlight back on the question master, the one who can bridge the gap between human intent and algorithmic execution.

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What does this mean for the future of marketing? I would point to these three takeaways:

1. Knowing how to frame a question and know if the answer lands is key. Expertise in specific fields, coupled with the ability to frame precise questions, will become a sought-after skill in the AI-powered marketing landscape. Knowledge experts will no longer be relegated to behind-the-scenes roles; they will be front-and-center, driving the narrative through masterful AI interrogation.

2. Functional change: While marketing teams won’t vanish, but they will shrink – and their focus will shift. Instead of crafting campaigns and copy, they’ll become orchestrators, collaborating with knowledge experts and AI tools to curate a holistic audience experience. Creativity will take on a new form, emphasizing strategy, audience analysis, and data interpretation.

3. Data, data, data: Ultimately, the power lies in the question. AI is a potent tool, but it’s a tool waiting for instructions. Those who wield the reins, who understand the nuances of inquiry and can coax the desired answers from the algorithms, will hold the keys to marketing success in the age of AI.

So, don’t let your brand become yesterday’s news; make headlines in the age of short-form video.

The future of marketing isn’t about algorithms alone; it’s about harnessing the power of AI to amplify the human voice, fueled by the most potent tools of all: framing the right question, and knowing the answer is the right one.

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