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Why Short-Form Video is Your Untapped Growth Engine

Are you making the most of short-form video in your marketing?  If you aren’t, perhaps you should be. Read this article and check out the facts.

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Ian C Tomlin

Short-form video is not just a trendy tech toy; it’s a potent growth engine, waiting to propel your brand forward. Your audience is waiting, and the clock is ticking on snackable attention spans. Don’t let your brand become yesterday’s news, READ THIS ARTICLE AND GET THE FACTS >


Forget white papers and long-winded webinars, the attention span of your B2B audience has migrated to platforms buzzing with bite-sized content: TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts.

In this age of snackable media, clinging to traditional B2B marketing tactics risks leaving you at the dusty buffet table while the feast unfolds elsewhere.

This is why it makes sense to embrace short-form video marketing if you’re not already doing it on full throttle.  It is a potent growth engine waiting to be harnessed, that you ignore at your peril.

Short attention spans rule

Attention is the currency of the digital world, and short-form videos are engagement magnets.

According to a Wyzowl study, 88% of marketers say video gives them a good return on investment, while HubSpot reports that viewers retain 95% of a message conveyed through video compared to just 10% from text.

Imagine captivating your audience in seconds, fostering connections, and sparking curiosity about your brand.


B2B marketers often assume business people are serious folk and don’t use formats like short-form videos.  And yet, research suggests 68% of people will happily watch a business video if it’s Under a Minute.

Boost Accessibility

Forget expensive production studios; smartphones are the new film sets. Short-form videos democratize content creation, allowing you to showcase your expertise, introduce your team, and tell your brand story instantly and authentically.

As David Eastman, Vice President of Marketing at Vidyard, aptly states, “Video makes complex things simple, humanizes B2B brands, and builds trust.”


Supercharge your Storytelling

Compressing your message into a succinct, impactful narrative demands creativity and conciseness. Short-form videos force you to hone your storytelling skills, making complex topics digestible and sparking emotional connections.

As Brian Solis, a renowned digital analyst, emphasizes, “Storytelling is the bridge between information and transformation.”


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New Horizons

B2B audiences aren’t confined to LinkedIn anymore. They’re on the very platforms where short-form video reigns supreme. By adapting your message to TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts, you tap into new demographics, expand your reach, and meet your audience where they already are.

As Gary Vaynerchuk, a social media guru, advises, “Content is king, but distribution is queen.”


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Podcasts and Short-Form Social Media Videos – The New Marketing Channels

You Can Measure It

The beauty of short-form video lies in its scalability and measurability.

It allows you to experiment with different formats, track engagement metrics, and refine your approach based on real-time insights.

No more long-term campaigns with opaque results; short-form video offers agile optimization for maximized ROI.  If your messaging doesn’t work, you will know soon enough!


Which Brands Are Using It Today?

Here are some of the companies making the most of their Short-Form Video opportunity.

GE Renewable Energy

Leveraging TikTok, GE created short, informative videos on wind energy, gaining over 1 million views and fostering an authentic connection with younger audiences.


Using YouTube Shorts, IBM showcased employee stories and tech demos, humanizing the brand and attracting skilled talent.


On Instagram Reels, Cisco shared glimpses of company culture and employee experiences, building brand loyalty and attracting potential recruits.


Short-form video isn’t a fad; it’s a fundamental shift in the way B2B audiences consume information. To thrive in this new landscape, marketers must:

1. Embrace the Snackable: Adapt your message to short, engaging formats that capture attention and spark curiosity.

2. Mobilize Your Mobile: Smartphones are your content creation studio. Embrace authenticity and humanize your brand through accessible video content.

3. Measure and Iterate: Track your performance, tweak your approach, and adapt to trends. Short-form video is a live experiment, not a static campaign.

So, don’t let your brand become yesterday’s news; make headlines in the age of short-form video.

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