How we helped USTECH SOLUTION realize its vision
as a people-centric technology firm that does staffing… 

USTECH SOLUTIONS INC. is a global technology-led staffing firm that employs over 11,000 people with operations spanning five continents.  The company was established by Manoj Agarwal in 2000 and has always been a high-performer.  It won Ernst and Young awards in three consecutive years for its dynamic growth in its earlier days.  Since then, the company has maintained this momentum, led by technology innovation and process innovation that is at the heart of the company ethos.

When you’re at any USTECH SOLUTIONS office around the world, you’d not be crazy for thinking it feels like a software start-up.  The culture of the business is driven by self-determination, big ideas and a passion for people.  This ethos of ‘your own success lay in your hands, and in the limits of your ambition’ is central to Manoj’s business outlook.

Newton Day has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with USTECH SOLUTIONS since 2006.  We’d crafted the first suite of brand and marketing materials used by the company that remained in use until last year.  In 2019, the management team decided it was time to have a refresh of the brand and focus the marketing strategy towards the fastest growth areas of the business.  WIth the copmany now moving towards a $200 million annual turnover, there was an ambition to be more confident and focus more on the values and ethos behind its success.


“Newton Day is a natural extension to our inhouse marketing team.  Their conversational marketing methods just work.” Manoj Agarwal, President

The brand refresh began in 2019.  It began with internal interviews of the senior management team and a cross section of the USTECH team.  We also interviewed customers and partners aiming to distil the essence of what it was that UISTECH did well that made them stand out.

Loud and clear we heard customers say two things, that USTECH SOLUTIONS is:

1. Fanatical about finding the right-fit job for its contracted people.

2.  Technology-centric; embracing technology in everything it does and promoting use of its in-house developed recruiting software tools that embrace artificial intelligence technologies.

This led to the creation of the CREATING WORK-LIFE ADVENTURES campaign.  For this we produced a new-look website together with collateral, social campaigns, videos, the creation of contextualized credentials from historical case stories and regular monthly webinars.

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