How we helped recruitment software 
company Simplify Workforce reveal its
people-centric business person

SIMPLIFY WORKFORCE has been developing award-winning Vendor Management Systems (VMS) software since 2017. 

The company has a significant innovation advantage through its use of artificial intelligence and best-in-class third-party software tools.  Unlike, traditional Vendor Management solutions, SIMPLIFY has moved the state-of-the-art for workforce management to a Total Talent Management ecosystem approach that embraces both indirect and direct sourcing through the same secure private-cloud technology platform. 

The management team approached Newton Day to create a fresh look to its brand with plans to grow from its base in the United States to Europe, Asia and the Middle-East.

“Our original brand was very technology-centric.  We wanted to place more emphasis on our passion to deliver workforce innovation, not the tools used to achieve it.” Simplify Project Lead

The new design was based around the work of a particular graphic artist with a strong emphasis on originality, diversity of color and invention. The management team was keen to do something different and move awat from the traditional blue and orange corporate branding schemes so common in the tehc industry. Of particlar concern was the logo as it needed to be used on user screens and therefore needed to be confident and unfussy.

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