How we helped the management consulting company NDMC re-tell its brand story and go-to-market communications… 

With its origins in market research for which it became a household name in many tech companies, NDMC Consulting has been an innovator in enterprise information design and management since its early beginnings in 2003.   

The company has consistently punched above its weight winning accounts that include Transport for London, Ernst and Young, Accenture, Marconi, Telent, Canon, West Sussex County Council, PA Consulting, and the Energy Savings Trust.

In recent years, NDMC has seen its portfolio and market focus stretch as business opportunities have led it away from its core strenghs and original vision.  A willingness to go the extra mile for customers had, over almost two decades of business success, led the company along paths that were diluting its competitive advantage.  This was proving problematic in an era when many new business opportunities originate from web traffic.  The management team knew it needed to be more focused – but on what?

In 2019, NDMC decided to re-visit its core brand values and develop a fresh-look marketing strategy to realize more value from its spend.  They appointed Newton Day to conduct the brand review and construct a marketing strategy formed around conversational marketing principles.


“Newton Day has helped us get back to our core passion for business.” Nick Lawrie, Managing Director

The brand refresh began in 2019 and reflected the ‘dream big and punch above your weight’ ethos of the senior management team.

Following a series of internal discussions and customer listening exercises, the project team agreed to focus the go-to-market story on business model design and orchestration; the key strength area in NDMC’s portfolio where strong competitive differentiation exists.

For this we produced the Dream Big campaign; fulfilled through conversational marketing programs that included a fresh look to the website together with collateral, social campaigns, videos, the creation of contextualized credentials from historical case stories and regular monthly webinars.

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