How we helped the leading international Open Source Information Management company EvoluData find new customers by implementing B2B conversational marketing…  

EvoluData is an extraordinary enterprise information management solutions provider.  Committed to creating wealth around the world, EvoluData employs its teams across five continents.  The foundation of the company comes from its involvement in the WikiSuite enterprise open source software project and its community of 18,000+ people around the world.

The company makes its income from installing and supporting open source solutions, with some income also coming from learning and development activities.

The management team has an ambition to grow at scale over the next 5-years and has established a business plan to place it on this high-growth trajectory.

Newton Day was appointed to activate the EvoluData brand by generating awareness and builds lasting connections with its target audience.  In June 2019 we began working with the management team on customer experience research and brand guidelines development.


“We’re lucky to be part of a global community of open source fans.  Match this with a growing backlash towards proprietary software costs and it’s clear we have a great platform for growth.”  Marc Laporte, CEO

By the autumn we were sorting out the product catalogue, value porpositions and overcoming the tender writing process.  Having established the essentials, we began to craft the conversational paths that EvoluData would use as part of their go-to-market plan.

In early 2020, we launched the EvoluData website and social media program.  It’s a developing story…

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