How we helped recruitment software 
company Simplify Workforce reveal its
people-centric business person

ENCANVAS has been developing award-winning High-Productivity application Platform-as-a-Service (HPaPaaS) software – to people that haven’t swallowed a lexicon of tech-speak, that means software for building enterprise software apps without coding – since 2006. 

The management team recognized that, as a small player in a big pond with lots of much bigger competitors, it’s future depended on disruptive marketing strategies that helped it to stand-out.  Being at the bleeding-edge of technology innovation isn’t always easy.  The team faced a major marketing challenge as most buyers weren’t familiar with HPaPaaS software, or how it can helkp them. Potential buyers weren’t looking for a solution they didn’t know or believe existed. 

The Encanvas management team decided it’s go-forward approach should be to focus on problems that its buying audience understand only too well.

Eventually, following customer interviews and market research the project team agreed to focus its efforts around enterprise forms applications and business model orchestration; two of the hottest topics in the market today.


“We faced the difficult marketing challenge that customers don’t know HPaPaaS solutions like ours exist.”  Andrew Lawrie, CTO

Newton Day was appointed to create a new go-to-market proposition and activate it with marketing materials, digital presence and social media campaign.

Before the company could move into ‘sales-mode’ the project team recognized through market investigation that a major inhibitor to sales was the time and effort needed to install the Encanvas platform.  This led to the creation of an onboarding process and an customer learning and development ‘Academy’ to educate customers on how the technology works.  The Academy was also seen as a great way to raise the profile of the business to companies looking to learn about digital transformation technologies. 

In late 2019, Newton Day created the Academy content and go-to-market campaign.


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