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Why a B2B Marketing Strategy Matters

Audience drivers are the fundamental difference between B2B and B2C marketing. 

With a consumer audience, individuals make selection decisions based more on emotional drivers such as desire, greed, and those factors that drive self-worth.

In a B2B context, our audience is made up of people who are more commonly influencing buying decisions on behalf of an organization.  In most cases, individuals making the decision are more interested in the level of influence any decision has on their status in the company, opportunity for promotion, averting risks of being demoted, etc. It’s harder for marketers to influence buyer influencers based on their individual passions and desires.  While emotions are never bubbling too far from the surface of any decision, buying influencers are going to want to prove they are making the best decision on behalf of their employer.  Therefore, we’re having to deal with a ‘once removed’ influencer that wants to show they have made a rational decision.

At one time, outbound sales effort was driven by telephone introductions and face-to-face meetings.  It’s far harder for firms to do this in the digital age.  The challenge facing most companies is how to ‘get a foot in the door.’  Sales and marketing teams can still rely on relationships to forge introductions, but it has to be done thoughtfully.

To reach out to your audience successfully you will need a well-designed strategy.  To make conversations profitable, and turn marketing spend into a sustainable sales pipeline, you will need to design and equip an effective conversational journey.  Your proposition will need to be more succinct, your audience more targeted, your message clearer – and you will need to be authentic; delivering on your brand promise.

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