Almost 20,000 startups were launched in 2020 alone and, as a result, there is a lot of interest in startup conferences occurring in the UK or online. In this article, we’ve put together a roundup of exciting tech startup conferences in the UK, either in-person or online, that you may find valuable to attend.

Turing Fest Website

Turing Fest 2021: 2-4 November

In-person and online

Turing Fest takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre on The Exchange, 150 Morrison St.

Turing Fest consists of interviews, keynotes, networking, and parties over two days. Additionally, over forty expert speakers will be attending the event from the world’s most interesting and influential tech businesses. The three tracks of conversation this year are – Build, Grow and Lead.

Attendees will not only gain industry insights, but the event also presents opportunities to look at the core of your business and your team. In this respect, it helps you look at the bigger picture and plan the next steps in the building, growing, and leading your startup business.

API World Website


18 – 19 October – Online Hackathon

26 – 28 October – Conferences & Workshops

27 – 28 October – Virtual Expo

API:World is the world’s largest API and microservices event. There will be over three hundred hours of insightful content from this event, with over 150 expert speakers taking part.

Startups who attend the event will learn best industry practices, have the opportunity to network with peers, and learn more about building the API economy. There is a multitude of workshops to help your business with the latest API software and to learn from the best in developing it. If you want to learn more about API, then this is the event to attend

Tech and Services World Website

Technology & Services World: 18 – 20 October

In-person and online – Las Vegas

Technology & Services World will host the world’s leading tech companies, who will discuss how to respond to today’s technology and services challenges.

At the event, startups will gain a more in-depth understanding surrounding technology and how to develop their startup this will occur from the knowledge provided by expert speakers. This event is beneficial to young technology companies as the event analyzes the latest trends and best practices in technology, allowing you to develop your business.

Digital Transformation Conference Website

The Digital Transformation Conference London 2021: 21 October

In-person and online

The Digital Transformation Conference takes place in London at the America Square Conference Centre.

This conference brings together leaders spearheading digital initiatives in their organizations to offer insights into their digital transformation journeys. This event is about businesses sharing their insights, best practices, and success stories.

It will give attendees ideas to implement in the workplace, and ways to inspire not only yourself but your team. The unique part of this event is that it is fully recorded, meaning you can watch it back and share it with your team at a later date.

Final Thoughts

The events listed in this article are beneficial and profitable for tech startups in different ways. Some will provide opportunities to connect and network with peers. Others will showcase expert speakers, discussing the latest insights in their area of work. There are even those that provide attendees with excellent opportunities to further their business through event competitions.

That’s why we have deemed these UK events to be worth attending for tech startups in 2021. There is always something new to learn and there are always opportunities to do better in business. So take the opportunity to get out of the office and tool yourself with the proper skills to grow your tech startup.


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