In this article, we provide an unbiased overview of the best platforms for video testimonials for business.   We’ve scoured the market to find the simplest, the cheapest, the most feature-rich, and the most convenient video testimonial software for your customers.  Then, we’ve tried them out for ourselves to work out which solution is the best fit for the B2B tech startups and FinTech companies we serve. 

If you are looking to promote a product or service, you will need to capture the positive stories of your customers in order to persuade prospective buyers to engage. Read on to discover which platform is right for you.

Review period: Oct ’21 – Jan ‘22

What is a video testimonial?

Credible testimonials about a product or service don’t come from the business itself, rather from its customers. Therefore, if yours is a business selling products or services, it is important that you acquire testimonials from your customers in any number of forms, whether that be a quote or a detailed case story.

One of the bigger challenges facing marketers today is working out how to encourage website visitors to engage.  The secret of success, when it comes to creating an effective call to action on your landing page, is to persuade your site visitor that your solution is the best way for them to get their job done. No marketing instrument does that better than a good customer testimonial.

Now, let’s talk about the power of video.  In the last couple of years, platforms like TikTok have demonstrated the power of short-form videos.  They are easily consumed and more entertaining.  Furthermore, people like to hear testimonials from people LIKE them.  Not only do videos demonstrate the positives of your product or service, but they also showcase the humanity in people. Videos provide an emotional impact that would be much harder to obtain with a written testimonial and, therefore, offer a more beneficial method of capturing their stories.

Video testimonial platforms do all the hard work for you, they make it easier and more effective for businesses to collect and manage customer testimonials for your business. But where do you start? In this review of video testimonial platforms, we highlight the key features of each service and how they might suit your business. screenshot

When I first viewed Boast it reminded me of Facebook based on the aesthetics – very clean, crisp, a lovely dark blue, and easy to use.

They provide a lot of features, but these are the ones that stood out the most:

  • Widgets allow users to upload the testimonial to their website
  • Integrations let users integrate Boast’s tools into their existing workflow
  • Sequences email and SMS (SMS coming soon) drip campaigns for automating feedback requests
  • Gift cards (coming soon) will provide an incentive to the individual asked to do the case story

Price-wise I find it medium to expensive. These packs include:

  • ‘Solo’: $25 (£18.39) per month billed annually or $29 (£21.33) per month
  • ‘Plus’: $50 (£36.78) per month billed annually or $59 (£43.40) per month
  • ‘Team’: $100 (£73.57) per month billed annually or $119 (£87.54) per month
  • ‘Premium’: $208 (£153.02) per month billed annually or $249 (£183.18) per month.

I think would benefit a medium-sized business with a great number of clients, as this platform has a lot of features to offer that would be used more by a medium-sized business.


Videoask screenshot

As soon as I went through their website, I knew I’d like it and I did. It ticks quite a few boxes – one being how accessible and easy to use it was and it has compelling features that stand out:

  • Embed your VideoAsk on a web page
  • Speech-to-text transcription
  • You can ask for text or audio responses, multiple-choice selection, booking on your calendar, payments, NPS, file uploads, and more
  • Connect VideoAsk to over 2000 apps including your Google Analytics ID, FB pixel, and Tag Manager ID to track performance.

Videoask has 3 different packs:

  • ‘Start’: free
  • ‘Grow’: £18 ($24.48) per month billed annually or £23 ($31.28) per month
  • ‘Brand’: £30 ($40.80) per month billed annually or £38 ($51.68) per month

These prices are very reasonable for what you receive. The only issue I had was that the only way to not have the Videoask branding on your testimonial is to choose the ‘Brand’ pack. I think small to medium-sized businesses would benefit from using VideoAsk because for smaller businesses there is the free pack, and for medium businesses, there are more options to choose from with a great number of features to use to benefit their marketing campaign.


Vocal video screenshot

It’s the video marketing platform used by Google, it’s got to be good right? Yes, it’s great if you’re not on any sort of budget but it’s pretty pricy for smaller businesses. The feature that stood out most for this platform in comparison to the others was the editing capabilities these include the option to trim clips, add filters, add or change the music, and add a call to action. They also supply expert templates, so you don’t really need to know what you’re doing to get a really good result.

Let’s get onto pricing. Vocal Video has 4 plans to choose from:

  • ‘Starter’: $33 (£24.28) per month billed annually/ or it triples to $99 (£72.83) per month (it is the only plan available to be billed annually or monthly, the rest must be paid annually). You can only publish 3 videos a month and can only have up to 60 minutes of video storage, so I don’t think the price is worth it.
  • ‘Team’: $99 (£72.83) per month billed annually.
  • ‘Pro’: $299 (£219.96) per month billed annually.

I think these price ranges are expensive for many businesses unless they have money to spare, so a larger business looking for creative and professional-looking testimonials would benefit greatly from VocalVideo. However, for a smaller business, there are more affordable options out there.


vouch for screenshot

Vouchfor views itself as a Q&A platform, that allows businesses to collect, manage, and share short-form videos. This platform seems to be most suitable for a small/medium business on a low budget as most of its features can be accessed in the free pack (Forever free). A platform like Vouchfor is perfect for upcoming businesses that are looking to collect testimonials in an effective and cost-efficient way. It has an edit feature (not as complex as but you receive more than many other platforms offer and it’s worth it. For me, the reason it stands out is because it provides features other testimonial platforms provide, but for free.

There are also ‘Pro’ plans that are coming soon which would allow for custom branding, custom embeds, and custom subdomains.

LinkedIn Video Intro

LinkedIn testimonials

Once I got recommended to view LinkedIn Video intro I had high hopes – I use LinkedIn regularly similar to others in my industry so I thought it would be an easy solution where I won’t need to download any external applications, and an added benefit is that it was an easy process to use.

Now, whilst I did have high hopes, I understand that this platform is for recruiters, not testimonials and that’s evident in the process. It’s good for smaller businesses that only want to ask one or two questions, however, you can ONLY ask one or two questions which for a business looking to ask any more, would be an issue.

It’s good as a cheap and simple option for a small business if you are doing this on a budget, but if not, I don’t recommend it since there are much better options for testimonials on this list.