Gift Reward Strategy is a marketing approach to increase sales opportunities for businesses engaging prospective buyers online.

The strategy offers a gift to prospective customers that motivates them to engage with the business and then offers a reward to transition the buyer to a solution selection state. Growth consultants can design an escalating value regime over a series of touchpoint events to increase the likelihood of success.

This approach is particularly useful for businesses that find it challenging to bring their customer value to online website visitors early in the buying cycle. With the solution of the Gift Reward Strategy, businesses can offer instant start value to prospective customers and overcome the barrier to effective online prospect engagement.

The problem a Gift Reward Strategy was born to solve

It is the purpose of every business to win customers. Yet, over 80% of the buying cycle, today happens online. That means every modern commercial enterprise has a critical need to bring its value to prospective buyers (searching for online solutions to serve their curiosity and buying needs) earlier in the buying cycle.

Like it or not, yours is a digital business

In today’s world, over 80% of the buying process happens online so, almost inevitably, suppliers must engage with prospective buyers online; and before the supplier can identify the individual or company entity in question.

Not all business have 'Instant Start Value'

The state of digital competition means that businesses with the means to present their customer value instantly online have a marked commercial advantage over those unable to do so.

What buyers are looking for is ‘instant Start Value’ – I.e., The ability to experience the value of a customer offer ‘instantly online.’

And there are three essential challenges every business of this kind will have:

#1. Knowing who the customer is and what they want
#2. Bringing enough value to them early enough
#3. Having a time or event sensitive

Can you live with the underperforming state of the art?

The present state of the art in digital marketing is to encourage anonymous site visitors to request contact, click on a content download, complete a scorecard, participate in a training course, or participate in an offer or quiz (etc.) to invoke a conversation that might lead to a sales inquiry.

The aim of these CTA mechanisms is to get visitors to offer up their contact details.  Nevertheless, few achieve good results. These approaches generally produce less than 3% (more often less than 1%) conversion ratios.

This means, for every 100 people that invest time to tend your digital engagement pages, fewer than 3 will ever become a sales opportunity.

What is a Gift Reward Strategy?

Invented by the directors of Newton Day Ltd, a UK growth engineering company, a Gift Reward Strategy is a component of the growth engineering discipline. 

Fuel your growth

It describes a tactic for marketing outreach that focuses the engagement agenda on bringing customer value to prospective buyers early in the digital customer journey.


Companies adopt a Gift Reward Strategy to increase Call to Action (CTA) conversion ratios, thereby boosting sales opportunities. 

This is achieved because potential buyers can understand the value and personality of a brand.

What sort of company uses it?

Any business that engages companies online can benefit from tuning its Gift Reward Strategy. Nevertheless, the tactic of Gift Reward customer journeys mostly benefits businesses that have traditionally struggled to present their value to customers online, such as professional services firms, and organizations that must speak to a potential customer before offering a proposal.

How it works

A Gift Reward Strategy comprises of two key strategic elements:

The 'Gift'

Strategies aim to ‘gift’ some aspect of a business’s customer value to communities of prospective buyers during the early stages of the buying cycle.

The purpose of this strategic element is to motivate prospective customers to consider committing themselves to an engagement.

The 'Reward'

Having offered some aspect of customer value through the gift, the second strategic element of a Gift Reward Strategy is to extend the customer value of the gift with some kind of reward that benefits the enquirer and the provider.

The obvious question to answer is—‘How can I reward customers to engage with my company once I have offered a small gift that exposes an aspect of my value?’

Through the provision of the Reward, the supplier aims to transition the buyer from a problem or solution-aware state to a solution-selection state.


Reward agendas often rely on trust and authority that comes from imparting knowledge and being easy to do business with to persuade prospective customers to buy from them instead of an alternative source.

Accelerating Gift Reward Strategies

For growth consultants, the ideal (optimal) scenario is to increase the likelihood of success resulting from a Growth Reward Strategy by designing a escalating value regime over a series of touchpoint events.

This approach requires a deep appreciation of:
#1. The target audience persona
#2. The customer value of the provider
#3. Available technology-led engagement methods and solutions

How Gift Reward Strategies  shape campaign styles

You can build your outreach approach around an effective Gift Reward Strategy to create a reliable sales lead engine.

Marketing experiments need to be controlled

Marketing is a series of experiments. When an enterprise starts out on its growth journey, executives have no idea which of those experiments will work. It becomes necessary to try out the various routes to creating sales conversations, beginning with those most likely to succeed.

Most importantly, you need to control your marketing experiments by installing measuring tools and methods. Generally, companies]forage for leads by adopting gut feel and instinct to drive decisioning or electing to throw marketing budget and sheer weight of messaging volumes at the problem to gain sufficient volumes of opportunities to feed.

Without measurement, marketing results are hit and miss

Marketing executives tend to try out many different agencies and methods to create leads, always hoping one of these tests will create a result. This all happens generally without any clear plan, tactic, or strategy.

Therefore, even when an initiative succeeds, it’s not obvious whether results are by happenstance, or if it is indeed a reliable and robust solution to generate sales leads.

To maximise Gift Reward Strategy, businesses need to understand their customer value

A Gift Reward Strategy focuses on presenting some aspect of customer value in the form of a gift.  Therefore, before building out a strategy, planners need to know what value they bring to customers.

From Guesswork to Craftwork

A Gift Reward Strategy pivots the focus of marketing plans away from crude and ineffective sales lead generation ambitions toward more effective customer value delivery interventions.

Understanding your customer value

Fundamental to getting your Gift Reward Strategy right is the need to know what your buying audience likes and thinks (i.e., what value they see from what you produce and how you produce it). 

It’s important to grasp what things your customers value that you are uniquely able to deliver over close competitive rivals.

Identifying what lies at the heart of your enterprise that creates value for customers is an essential step on this journey.