What is circular marketing?

Are you generating enough sales leads?

Marketing and generating leads is one of the most important business functions.  But in a digital world, outreach marketing has become less and less effective.
You spend ever more money producing sales opportunities using email, phone, social media and web channels, but every year fewer real opportunities are created.

Are you burning through marketing budget?

Challenges with the existing transactional marketing model: In most companies, fishing for sales leads is based on a transactional model, where every dollar is instantly spent to generate a sales lead, or not.
Either way, it feels like you are burning money.

You many not be helping yourself!

Prospects see salespeople as aggressive, with only one interest and conversation.  This hard selling approach brings little value to your audience and can cause more harm than good.

Introducing circular marketing

The alternative to boom and bust transactional marketing outreach is circular marketing.

In circular marketing, companies look to build long term value from marketing spend by investing in building a community of interest around their offerings.  Rather than burning money on so many transactions, the focus for marketeers is to convert money spent on marketing into different forms of asset valued by their company and its community of interest.

Such as:
Brand goodwill
Permission to sell
Trusted relationships
Buying intent
The opportunity to be in the room when plans are discussed

Stop burning through marketing dollars

With circular marketing, you develop strategies to invest marketing spend in your customer, partner and prospect relationships. With every event and communication adding more value to your sales opportunity.Your brand progressively builds its awareness and credentials within the community of interest it serves. 

How we help

Newton Day is a marketing company that helps organisations like yours to run effective circular marketing programs. If you’d like to see your marketing budget better invested, get in touch.

Re-thinking your sales lead-gen pipeline

In most businesses today, marketing is handed the impossible task of generating ‘marketing qualified sales leads’ while sales teams sit in anticipation of a landslide of useful meetings.

Not much of this is realistic, or possible.

A more realistic growth engine creates a marketing pipeline as illustrated here. 

Identify communities of interest

Grow a passive list of contacts through intent based/social media marketing

Build the community of interest and encourage passive actors to become active, then actionable

the new marketing pipeline illustration

How we support your circular marketing agenda

Customer story discussion with CEO

Strategy and Operations

We coach businesses (and marketing teams) to transition to circular marketing.  This includes philosophy, organisational design, technology tools and ‘tech-stack,’ team training, community centric marketing techniques, activity planning, etc.  From here we transition into an oversight and operational performance advisor.

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Subject-Matter Expert Events

Our Co-Event program means we can fully outsource the design and implementation of effective SME-led event programs, so sales and marketing teams can focus on building opportunities, not getting ‘bums on seats.’  We operate a leading community of business experts and speakers on a variety of topics – including AI, DE&I, ESG, Finance, Growth, Digital Transformation, Digital Cities, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Metaverse, etc. – to spice up the draw of your events to best-fit your audience.

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Building/Operating Partner Channels and Communities

Sometimes, it’s a better plan to not take community building in-house.  We run 3rd party programs to build communities on behalf of companies.  These might be partner programs, or product/service specific communities.   Additionally, communities can be fully gated, partially gated, or not at all.

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Collaborative Web

Your website can be more than a digital business card.  Give your community of interest a reason to keep returning to your website by making it the place they go for knowledge, solutions and networking.

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Events Tech Stack

Most virtual engagement solutions today – like webinars, roundtables, etc. – sponsor a one way communication flow.  New events tools are emerging to make virtual meetings immersive, engaging and worthy of attending live!  Discover new ways to build two-way conversations by getting in touch.

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Martech for Circular CRM

A new generation of tech tools is emerging to support the circular revolution. 

As an affiliate partner to innovative martech companies, we can create your ideal circular CRM tech stack.

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Speaker & Advisory Services

We run coaching, classroom training and speaker programs to promote the adoption of circular marketing, its methods and tools.

We work with