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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin.

Ian Tomlin

Hello, I’m Ian Tomlin, CEO of Newton Day and I lead the marketing strategy and brand consulting team, performing the role of virtual CMO for a range of brands.

Marketing technology products will always be a challenging discipline, largely because it’s a constantly changing field.  My career began in sales before shifting gear into marketing and business consulting. My interest lies in what makes technology work for people, and how the mechanics of markets and business management work to turn technology ideas into success stories.

During my 30+ years of marketing, I’ve had the fortune to work with some fantastic large corporations and exciting startup brands.  Still today, I’m constantly learning.

The greatest buzz I get in this job happens when presenting back a brand story, pitch deck, or web landing page design back to a client, and they say something like, ‘That’s it! That’s us to a tea.’ It’s then when you know you’re on track to doing a great job for your client.

Marketing is a team game.  That’s why I began Newton Day with my daughter and son in 2019, to create a marketing consulting business with competencies to both advise and deliver the full gamut of services now required by tech-centric businesses; from strategy and brand to product release–and everything in between.

When you’re ready to have a conversation, let’s talk. Ian.

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Services we offer

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Business Model Design

When it comes to business models, many tech-centric companies – with the opportunity to also blend services – have options.  Through this intervention, we will help you to frame your business model to optimize your opportunity.


Does your story resonate with your target market audience?  How do you bring personality and simplicity to your message, clear out the clutter and make it compelling?  Here, we will create a story to amplify your ability to win customers.

Brand Activation and Design

Does your brand reflect your business culture and personality?  Is it iconic? In this activity, we will perfect, shape and activate your brand.

Product Strategy

Design a product strategy that maximizes its potential,  finding the right balance of price, place and promotion

Product Launch Planning

We have released a wide variety of products in the UK, across Europe and beyond – helping businesses make the most of their new product releases.

Business Strategy

A well constructed and clearly articulated business strategy keeps everyone on the same page while maximizing workforce productivity.

Proposition Development

Using a blend of Blue Ocean, Proposition Canvas and Value Chain Mapping methods, craft a product or service proposition that helps your offer to shine.

Pricing Strategy

Through primary and secondary research we will work with your internal team to find the optimal pricing point and approach.

Go-to-Market Planning

We will work with your internal team to put together a go-to-market plan using Pragmatic Marketing principles.

SAMPLE Solution Packages

We offer a range of packages to service a variety of needs.