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Powering Customer Experience

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Create a stand-out customer experience by delivering awesome services

We’ve all been there: Struggling to enter data into online forms that don’t work well.  And those other moments: Like wondering when or if our goods will ever turn up – not knowing, or waiting on a customer service agent to answer a simple question.

An Above and Beyond Customer Experience demands efficient and effective service delivery.  Successful service delivery works on the basis that the customer is a part of the creation and delivery of the service and then designs processes built on that philosophy – this is called co-creation.

That’s why Newton Day has invested co-creation methods using Encanvas. It’s remarkable application design software that means our consultants can support you in workshops to create the best-fit blend of people, process, data and technology you need. There’s no need for coding or scripting, or a big IT project. That’s the benefit of codeless rapid application development.

Best-fit service delivery solutions

Delivering best-fit services is about listening to customers and stakeholders, to then apply learning lessons to improve or displace existing internal processes and systems.  In days gone by, that required big IT projects and data integrations.  Fortunately, codeless software tool-sets like Encanvas mean that it’s much easier to install automated digital processes into your business that work seamlessly with your financial (ERP) and CRM systems to create the apps you need to serve customer better. 

Our approach

Our consulting team will:

Scope your requirements
Create a design brief
Form a data plan (to work out what Reports, Processes, Data and Workflows you need)
Aggregate data and build a data model
Create a prototype app
deploy your solution
test, tune and iterate
hand-over and sign-off the development
Provide operation support and ongoing maintenance


1. Curating your Digital DNA to Maximize Agility, Minimize Costs

As with a human, organizations have their own unique DNA that determine their make-up and how they function.  In the case of an organization, the key constructs of DNA include such things as PEOPLE, ROLES, PROCESS, DATA, ENTITIES, SUPPLIERS, DESIGN, and PRIORITIES.  Understanding the digital DNA of your organization will maximize your ability to adapt to change and minimize costs and risks.

2. Co-Creation Service Design Workshops

We work with you to design best-fit services for your enterprise – to maximize your customer experience and minimize operating costs.  At Newton Day, we adopt co-creation methods to design best-fit apps that build services that make your customer experience shine risks.  Central to our methods is the application of ‘fail-fast’ prototyping methods.  We use LIVE WIREFRAMING techniques (Agile Codeless) that rely on codeless software (Encanvas) to remove the cost and overheads of programming applications.