“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

Wendy Piersall

Digital Marketing is something every business needs to do well.  It’s the critical link that guides customers to your door.

Google has never been so influential.  While there are alternative search engines, the way Google reads your website and posts is arguably the only opinion that matters.  And like a fickle friend, Google changes it’s mind every now and then about how it interprets what you say.  Understanding Google has become as important as understanding your customers.  Without it, many of those future prospects would never reach you.

Newton Day is a marketing and innovation partner to B2B tech-centric companies. We supply a full-service portfolio to deliver and manage digital marketing and SEO for websites and social media.

We design conversational journeys that guide customers to our clients’ door.  We analyse customer journeys that lead to the purchase of a product or service to get the job done better.

Your website is a critical step along the way; a place customers go to find answers, and possibly even buy your product or service. To get the most out of it and put it in front of your audience, we put SEO at the forefront of website and its content development strategy.  We monitor what improvements can be made to the user experience with the help of visitor behavior monitoring tools.

Mason Alexander and Eve Bluma lead our SEO team.  Like to better understand how we can help?  Get in touch.



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Services we offer

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Website Design & Build

We build audience and performance optimised content-light websites for B2B tech-centric companies that articulate their offer through the smallest number of words, neatly presently on elegantly designed pages.  No fuss.  No clutter.  The viewing experience of each page is tested on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.  Our design focus is on brand activation and an audience experience that focuses on journeys that lead to a CTA; the opportunity for our clients to identify their audience and start a sales conversation.

Website Design, Build and Run

Having implemented a website, sometimes it makes sense for us to run it, because it will require constant updating and iteration to remain relevant to your customers, and search engine spiders.  Running a website includes platform management and updates, regular backups, staging sites, security certificates, tracking and reporting, the management and optimization of images and caching. More than anything else, it’s about content and remaining relevant.

SEO Essentials

For our SEO Essentials package, we provide a basic level of content publishing visibility and website management to maintain your web presence on mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

SEO Standard

Our Standard service package includes blog posts, ads and web articles that keep your brand visible, while growing your online audience through social media.

SEO Premium

Our Premium package adds heat maps, video and creative services along with comprehensive lead tracking and SEO management, often supplemented with Google Ads to fast-track your online results.

Performance Reporting

Reporting on digital marketing performance comes in a range of service levels, each designed to deliver insights appropriate to your needs.

CTA Tracking

Call to Action (CTA) forms are the key to generating sales leads from your website.  We offer a number of integrations to optimize CTA transparency.

Heat Mapping

Optional heat maps allow site visitor behaviors to be visually interpreted, so the user experience and customer journey can be optimized.

Split Testing

Getting the most out of your website investment requires constant experiment. Split testing allows you to compare the performance of two page designs to let your users decide what works best.