B2B sales enablement

Create a predictable sales pipeline and take your sales performance to a new level by equipping your sales team to perform at the highest level

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Looking for a Sales Enablement Definition?

Sales Enablement is the practise of equipping sales people to sell more effectively by blending people, process, data and technology resources/capabilities in the best possible way.  Its purpose is to source, win, retain and expand customer revenues to create wealth.  When marketing is solely about promotion, and sales the act of selling, Sales Enablement drives the end-to-end sales life-cycle.

Looking for a Sales Enablement Consultant?

Newton Day equips sales organizations with the means to integrate inbound marketing and outbound sales teams to create a predictable sales pipeline 

Common Sales Enablement Challenges

  • ‘Our salespeople need useful sales leads’

  • ‘Our salespeople get distracted by CRM systems’

  • ‘We spend too much time writing RFPs and proposals’

  • ‘I never know where to get the best-fit marketing materials I need, when I need them’
  • When sales and marketing teams operate in silos, the resulting sales pipeline features feast or famine cycles and painful unpredictability. It means senior managers must play a major role in day-to-day sales efforts.

    The ‘pain’ symptoms (of B2B businesses that operate poor sales enablement) is that solutions to problems originate from within departments, and the know-how, resources and tools they’ve access to. In contrast, sales enablement brings unbiased visibility from a customer perspective on how departments should operate – and work together- to be as efficient as possible, without distortions of departmental priorities.

    A Process Is Only As Good As Its Weakest Link

    Encourage curiosity and sourcing business insights and will help you and your team to improve what you do in your business – and how you do it; finding more efficiencies and working smarter. Automating back-office processes with technology will equip customers and supply-chain partners to serve themselves, minimizing your cost of sale and maximizing your business agility.

    We help you to leverage your business opportunity by harnessing sales enablement technology innovations and fine-tuning processes to keep business simple.


    Sales Information Management

    We’re experts in Sales Information Management systems and the discipline of leveraging data to drive sales.  Sales resources are always tight.  Data provides the clarity of purpose and focus that salespeople need to drive sales by concentrating on the game-changing opportunities.  We help sales teams to identify the most profitable market segments and customers, so they can channel their activities in profitable business.  We use insight-driven data warehouses to learn from previous successes.  We build on ‘what works’ to create more predictable sales pipelines.  We’re big fans of designing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems around activities, measurable outcomes, and a commitment to reducing manual data-entry required of salespeople that can become a huge distraction.

    Sales Content Management

    We design and implement Sales Content Management systems.  A Sales Content Management system marries up useful sales tools and marketing collateral with the needs of salespeople at any point in time in the sales process and lifecycle.   Done well, salespeople should expect to always have the best demo tools, marketing collateral, pricing and product information at their fingertips – probably using a CRM system as the conduit to signpost the latest version of the most useful resources.  Of late, Sales Content Management systems have started to combine light-weight Learning Management Systems capabilities to equip salespeople with a single point of use for all sales related knowledge.

    Sales Playbook

    We work with marketing and sales leaders to create effective Sales Playbooks for their teams.  A sales playbook provides salespeople with a simple guide to what they are to sell and how they’re to sell it.  Each product or service has its own dedicated section and walks through the sales process (activities, arguments/counter-arguments, benefits, competition and other resources).  Salespeople can use the Sales Playbook as an aide memoir on how to sell solutions.

    Whiteboard Workshops

    Sometimes, salespeople are seen as order takers and a ‘passive’ presence in sales meetings with customers and prospects. Whiteboarding is about telling a story using a whiteboard as a visual aid. It’s a great way for salespeople to present their ideas to customers and prospects, partly because it demonstrates to their audience that they know what they’re talking about. This gives them a position of authority in the room.

    For product managers and solutions marketers, whiteboarding is a great way to ensure salespeople know their products. The challenge of knowing you will have to educate others once you’ve learned something yourself can be a great motivator to listen intently and absorb new ideas.

    Newton Day uses whiteboarding as a learning device for salespeople. We want salespeople to PRACTISE and APPLY what they’re learning. No sales product training is ever complete in our view unless salespeople can ‘play back’ what they’ve learned in a whiteboarding session.

    To get the best results from whiteboarding, it’s important that sales leaders take the lead and do the training themselves. This knowledge can then be cascaded to salespeople by people that share the same challenges they also face. We always recommend that sales leaders video their sessions.

    Credentials Management

    Our team has vast experience in designing, populating and managing customer credentials systems.  Credentials, such as testimonials and case stories, play an important role in evidencing the ability of an organization to deliver its value to customers.  Case stories build trust and confidence in customer relationships.  They also educate customers into the value and use of solutions. But sourcing case stories can be a major overhead and sales distraction.  While salespeople WANT case stories, they don’t want to inherit the effort needed to source them or produce them.  Similarly, marketing teams are always keen to get their hands on case stories, but they find sales colleagues are keen to shirk the task of sourcing them.  Working with an expert independent provider like Newton Day helps both sales and marketing team to get what they want and help foster new opportunities through the timely supply of rich case story examples.

    B2B Sales Enablement Model

    Sales Life-Cycle

    one aspect of our sales enablement consulting services is to deconstruct how your sales and marketing works today and work with you to create an improved workable approach for tomorrow by applying unbiased best practices and expertise; concentrating on how well your story creates wealth.  We explore all four phases of your sales life-cycle, namely:


    Your customers are out there somewhere. But how do you tempt and entice them? We design conversational paths that will seduce prospects into talking to you.


    Customers might be interested in your product or offer, but it doesn’t sell itself. Sales Enablement is about equipping your sales team to consistently and repeatedly win profitable sales. Find out how we can help.


    You want to keep the customers you win. Makes sense. That takes more than delivering on promises these days. Harvesting sales account intelligence and planning for the next steps in your sales journey need to start early.


    The skills your team needs to nurture and grow account business differ from new business sales and retention teams. We advocate treating your sales harvesting as a separate and unique process. You’ll need detailed insights into what customers want.

    Sales Enablement Discipline Pillars

    There are four disciplines that sales enablement teams require in order to design, build and run effective sales enablement programs. They are:


    Know what makes a profitable target audience for your offerings; what matters most to prospective and existing customers; the jobs you can help them to get done better; why yours is the best procurement choice – and how they frame their requirements – so you know how they can find you.  What communities do your prospective customers belong to, and where do they go to find answers and solutions to satisfy their needs?


    What story can you tell that makes prospective customers want to find you? How do you want them to think? How can you design their behavior?


    What does a sales lead look like to you?  How can a small investment in marketing spend gain the maximum attention from your target audience?  What needs to happen down-stream in the sales and delivery processes to ensure that your spend translates into a predictable sales pipeline?


    How do you turn interest into orders in the most reliable and cost effective way without senior team having to hand-crank every step of the process?  How can you learn from data to fine-tune sales effectiveness?  In which areas does it make sense to prioritize improvements in your sales organization?

    Resourcing your B2B Sales Enablement Delivery

    Our sales enablement consultants will help you to deliver the five B2B sales enablement capabilities needed to support the design, implementation and operation of effective sales enablement programs:


    Since 2003, our team has delivered tailored market research and insights to leading tech companies around the world, exposing new market opportunities, qualifying customer needs, helping product, marketing and strategy teams to answer their strategic questions with qualitative and quantitative research programs.


    We design effective conversational paths and sales systems to equip tech and other B2B businesses to translate their ambitions into actionable sales-led marketing campaigns and initiatives.


    We provision the resources and projects needed to create the content stories, videos, webinars, live events and experiences that create sales opportunities.


    It’s all about driving out results and maintaining momentum.  Our expert virtual project management office  will program manage your conversational journeys and any change agenda to optimize how you win, retain and grow customers.


    Perhaps the greatest influence we have over your future success lies in the experience of our sales enablement professionals. Each of our senior consultants has at least 10-years experience in front-line operational Sales Enablement roles.

    A Guide to Sales Enablement

    Updated for 2020

    Get up-to-speed on the latest know-how, hints and tips on B2B tech marketing sales enablement…  

    Sales Enablement is about equipping  salespeople with the know-how, content and tools to achieve sales success.  How you equip your salesperson requires a re-think of how your sales processes work, and the tools used to build a predictable sales pipeline.  Read it today…

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