Equipping B2B technology sales teams to sell more profitably, more often 

Time.  It’s the thing B2B technology sales people never have enough of.  Asking salespeople to do lots of data-entry, chase every sales enquiry, chase lost causes, fail to train, motivate and equip them–and businesses risk terminally depleting their sales effectiveness.  At Newton Day, we take the business of equipping sales teams seriously because we know there’s much more potential in your sales team than you know.  Our ambition is always to help technology companies to create (more) wealth by creating predictable high-growth sales pipelines.

Exposing the weakest links in your sales and marketing process

Any process is only as strong as its weakest link.  Fail to build consistently high performing phases across your customer journey and the result is something akin to the exercise trying to pass water from one bottle to the next until there’s scarcely any left.  That’s what happens to your marketing spend!  We examine your sales processes, then work with sales leadership teams to focus on the most valuable interventions and projects to achieve quick-wins and positive long-term behavioral change.

Supercharge Your Sales Team

A process is only as strong as its weakest link. SONAR2 is our Sales Enablement Process Model. It equips organizations with a blueprint to creating best-in-class sales processes to SEDUCE, ENGAGE, DELIGHT, then GROW accounts.

Our sales enablement services

Our consulting and sales enablement practitioners will help you in areas of:

1. CRM Systems Design and Enhancements
2. Sales Content Management Systems – Delivering just-in-time sales collateral and tools
3. Sales Business Intelligence and Decision Systems – Aid the targeting of profitable customers
4. Sales Playbooks – Cascade your best sales propositions to sales teams
5. Whiteboarding Workshops – Coach-in your best practice sales approach
6. Customer Credentials Management 

Six Sales Enablement Services Every B2B Tech Company Needs

1. CRM Systems Design and Enhancements

Rarely do Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems fit your business out-of-the-box.  Newton Day supplies design and customization services through its consulting team.  We help organizations to adapt their CRM system to fit their needs and integrate it with other systems; blending your preferred CRM solution tools with integration-ware to produce the best results.

Examples of enhancements include incorporation of Sales Content Management into sales process workflows, installing data integrations to source sales insights, adapting screens to support Account Based Sales, and building links to sales learning management systems.

2. Sales Content Management Systems

A Sales Content Management System complements your CRM platform by managing the sales enablement content you want your sales team to have access to.  More advanced systems highlight the most relevant content based on the target industry segment , type of account you’re targeting and the stage of the sales process (as highlighted by your CRM customer or prospect record). 

If you’re a B2B company looking for help in selecting or building a Sales Content Management solution for your business, talk to Newton Day.  We’ve lots of experience in finding the best-fit solution you’re looking for.

3. Sales Business Intelligence and Actionable Insights

There’s only so much time in the day of sales leaders.  You need to focus it on making changes in the period that produce the step-change results you want to see.  Getting the most from sales activities is easier when you know those attributes that determine your most profitable customers and addressable markets, and underperforming sales areas.

Many sales leaders find themselves spending much of their time sourcing useful sales insights when what they want to do is apply the learning lessons.  Our Sales Business Intelligence systems harvest your sales performance insights and then present them in an interactive format; equipping ACT on the most important improvement opportunity areas. 

4. Sales Playbooks – Cascade your best sales propositions to sales teams

Playbooks are a great content format for packaging up your best solutions into easy-to-absorb articles for sales teams to learn and re-visit.  They do more than simply explain a proposition; done well, they describe the audience, jobs-to-be-done, undesirables, summarize the proposition canvas, explain the strengths of your offer over competitors, outline the best way to present and what content tools are available to make the case for a product or service. 

In short, they’re everything a salesperson needs to take a proposition and sell it.

5. Whiteboarding Workshops – Coach-in your best practice sales approach

Even when equipped with useful content, it doesn’t always follow that all salespeople know how to tell your story or pitch products and services in the same consistent way. Whiteboarding is a way of describing a solution by building up your story on a whiteboard. It’s also proven to be one of the best routes to training your sales team.

We always recommend sales leaders are the first to undergo whiteboard coaching. Sessions are recorded and played by to participants. In this way, everyone is engaged, and senior sales people train their own teams with the support of a Newton Day coach.

We provide the know-how, expertise and tools to see your project through from start to end.

6. Customer Credentials Management

The endorsements and positive messages from customers are some of the most influential tools to win more sales.  Bring your most relevant customer case stories and testimonials to bear at the right time for prospecting activities.  Newton Day helps organizations to create portfolios of easily accessible customer credentials; harvesting data from your existing systems and installing effective credentials management systems.