Our Work

Digital innovation transforms markets, business models, and re-invents our world.  We help firms to profit from change.


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Our Role

We’re advisors and investors in disruption. We advise C-Suite executives on how to make disruption work in their favour.  Established in 2017, our early success came from providing turnkey marketing services to equip organizations to embrace digital.

Digital transformation introduces opportunities and threats resulting from innovations that lead to market and business model disruptions.

C-Suite executives need credible, informed sources of actionable insights. Conversations with suppliers are premature when you don’t know what you need, and in what form that solution takes—or indeed whether the better play is to do nothing.

The senior team of Newton Day has a 20+ year track record in living with and advising on the disruptions created by technology innovation.

The firm has pioneered formulaic board level strategic insights and advisory services that bring clarity where it does not exist, allowing C-Suite executives to make informed decisions while reducing time to value. Our unique skills blend is a testament to our customer value and purpose.


  • Sourcing actionable insights
  • Minimising procurement costs
  • Identifying partnerships
  • Gaining early warning of market transitions that lead to existential threats or profitability of business models


  • Embrace disruption to bring commercial advantage
  • Overcome innovation offset
  • Achieve first mover advantage
  • Improve customer value and experience through digital innovation

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