A project to produce an internal training video on the subject of diversity as part of staff induction training for US TECH SOLUTIONS Inc.

Type: Educational Playing time: 2 mins, 37 seconds Format: Animated

Cascading knowledge on the importance of diversity for USTECH SOLUTIONS

USTECH SOLUTIONS is a leading global provider of on-demand workforce solutions specializing in sources hard-to-reach technical and scientific talent.   The company is a minority-owned and run business. The leadership team of USTECH SOLUTIONS had the option to use off-the-shelf courseware but decided to create its own program in order to make clear its commitment to express the passion the company has for diversity.

What did we do?

In this project we were tasked with producing a training video to educate staff on the company’s equal opportunity and diversity policies.  When producing the course content, it became clear there was a lot of detail to impart to staff and so animated video was seen as a good way of mixing up the learning and development approach.