“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Ian TomlinIan Tomlin, CEO

“Digital Marketing requires energy, momentum, and a commitment to dates and deliverables.”    

Marketing Program Management is the essence of Newton Day.  When Ian Tomlin left a corporate marketing strategy role to founder Newton Day with his daughter and son in 2019, the ambition was simple.  The plan was to develop a virtual program management team able to support smart, fast-growing tech companies with great ideas in their marketing; the key USP being to bring product, sales, marketing and service teams together by understanding the most important thread that binds them… the customer conversational path.

Every Newton Day client enjoys a dedicated account executive and regular scrum meetings that set the tempo on marketing programs.

It’s not for our clients to come up with all the ideas.  Newton Day is an innovation partner, and it’s part of our remit to mentor, suggest, encourage, cajole, sometimes even set homework.  Through mutual respect and shared outcomes, we work cheek by jowl with our client leadership teams to make sure marketing objectives are achieved.

Underpinning everything we do are a handful of North Star objectives that steer us.  They are to:

1. Map the customer path – from the event that creates the buying inspiration, to the purchase of a product–and beyond.

2. Stay close to clients – to set and deliver outcomes repeatedly, climbing mountains by making small, iterative wins.

3. Always improve – to identify marginal gains and act on them. 

Our Program Management team is led by Francesca Manley.  Interested to learn more?  Get in touch.

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Services we offer

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Virtual CMO

The role of the virtual CMO service is to support and mentor the client executive team on marketing disciplines including market research, target audience development, product strategy, brand, proposition, business model, sales campaigns, events, social media marketing, website and SEO, and digital marketing. In addition, the virtual CMO provides oversight over client deliverables.

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Program Management

We only have one standard of service and that’s our white glove commitment.  We expect a great deal of our team, and that means keeping tabs on a large list of things to do.  Making this possible is our back-office activity management program.  Every action is tracked against client objectives, team member action list, calendar schedule, and KANBAN