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How We Work

We are Growth Architects.  We blend management consulting, marketing and tech automation.  We help businesses to grow, tell their storylaunchamplifygrow, and sell.

Word of Mouth

We don’t have salespeople.  Instead, we rely on Word of Mouth (WoM) recommendations to grow our business.

How it Works

We pay a Finders’ fee of 12% to our strategic partners for introductions to new clients.

For registered intermediaries and partners this can generate over £4k of commission payments for each referred company.

Why Recommend Us?

(This is how we make predictable growth happen.)

growth engineering diagram

#1 We help startup and high-growth businesses to scale in a predictable way by installing positive habits into sales and marketing

#6 We organize marketing programs with a dedicated single-point-of-contact and regular bi-weekly scrums

#2 We tell the brand story, formalize the brand styling and articulate the brand authenticity

#7 We align marketing strategy to business strategy

#3 We use marketing instruments to expose the proposition strengths and differences of the brand

#8 We provision and configure marketing tech tools to automate the marketing program and install monitoring waypoints to track progress

#4 We create the social and web presence of the brand

#9 We profile the target audience persona 

#5 Our team will produce relevant persuasive content, ads and videography for the target audience to maximise the effectiveness of communications

#10 We create a two-way public relations dialogue with your audience and influencers through our partnership with JournoLink

growth arrow image

We install positive habits that produce results LIKE THIS

boom and bust arrows

Not boom and bust marketing LIKE THIS

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Our services for startups

Brand Activation

We sharpen up your brand and make sure it messages your offering and your values.



We help you to put your story into words.  It’s about finding the right language and those easily repeatable phrases that resonate with your customer audience.

Digital Marketing

Yep, we manage digital marketing programs.  The social media stuff.  The creative, coordination… all of it.

Web & SEO

Don’t think of a website as your personal exhibition… it’s an interface to your customer audience, a step in a journey.  We work with startups to design pragmatic online marketing journeys.

Word of Mouth

Hearing your story through the voice of your customer is the most persuasive sales tool.  We will coordinate your WOM agenda.


There are lots of ways to create a lead.  We help you to work out the best campaign approach for your startup.  Then, we add the fuel.

The Perspectives of Our Customers

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