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Newton Day is a marketing and customer experience agency founded on its appreciation of the office equipment buyer audience and its transition towards Managed Document and Print Services. If you are an Office Equipment OEM or Reseller, find out how we can help.

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Marketing strategy for office equipment businesses

We create sales campaigns to engage existing customers and generate new business based on our 20-years track record in successful marketing initiatives.  Get your campaign online and start building a predictable sales pipeline.

Social Media Focused Marketing Programs

Our comms team has been pitching and presenting to office equipment buyers for over twenty years, since the days of analogue copiers and impact printers!  We understand your buying audience and what it takes to generate interest through online social media conversations. We’ll help you to attract, win, delight and grow your customers, one blog account at a time.

Bringing Sales Online With Webinar Programs

Webinar programs extend beyond the 45-minutes of your Zoom session!  You’ll need to target your audience carefully, produce compelling articles evoking interest underpinned by compelling reasons to attend.   To win over your audience you’ll have to tell them something they don’t already know and use great content that makes your message stand out.

Ready-Made Conversations

We’re experts in Office Equipment marketing and the topics your customers care about – which is why we’ve created a suite of ready-made conversational stories including eBooks, videos and articles around key issues like Office Security, Data Privacy, Document Management, Output Management, and Digital Transformation.

Sales Tool-kits

A process is only as strong as its weakest link. Getting the most out of your sales team means providing them with the know-how, product brochures, presentation materials, demo tools, RoI calculators, and anything else they need to turn an interested audience into buyers.

Insights to Drive Profitable Growth

We’ve developed technology tooling to help office equipment sales teams target the most profitable accounts and focus their energies on opportunities most likely to produce long-term customers that you’ll want to keep.

Supercharge Your Sales Engine

Generating sales leads is essential to any business.  We help sales people to engage with their prospect audience on social media and through video articles and case stories; giving potentials buyers more reasons to get in touch.

How WE help you to grow faster

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Webinar Programs and Live Events

The digital age means you need to engage your audience differently, but the principles of successful selling still apply.  We help you to bring your sales process online with targeted social media marketing and email marketing underpinned by video teasers that attract your audience to high-impact, carefully curated webinars and live events.  We’ll show you how to make webinars a sales lead generating approach by employing similar sales methods as you’d expect to adopt during face-to-face selling.

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Ready-Made Office Equipment and MPS Sales Campaigns

It takes time and subject matter experts to write useful, informative content.  We’ve produced a series of ready-to-deploy sales campaigns supported by ebooks, guides, implementation roadmaps, articles, videos and pitch decks to equip office equipment companies with the tools they need to rapidly execute sales campaigns.  Topics include Office Equipment Selection, Office Security, GDPR/Data Privacy, Document Management and MPS.  Each campaign is curated to be easily tailored to suit your product portfolio and sales approach.  To find out more about or programs and how we can help you, please get in touch.

sales executive analysing sales strategy on tablet
Sales Insights That Focus Your Sales Energy

Not all customers turn out to be highly profitable for office equipment companies.  So, which companies in your territory are those that will offer the greatest profit potential?  One of the best ways of understanding your local market is to know which of your current accounts is profitable and which similar accounts exist in your region.  We’ve developed a sales information system for office equipment vendors that distils this information from your back-office systems, so you can target your sales efforts to the most profitable potential accounts.

See examples of the work we do. Request our Conversational Marketing Recipe book today.

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