Newton Day is a provider of customer experience and conversational marketing technologies and services for the Motor Retail sector. Our team has a track-record in providing innovation to the industry, supplying the ideas and tech retailers rely on to drive growth.


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Activate your digital customers

The pace of change in Motor Retail is accelerating. Digital laggards risk being left behind. Successful retailers are embracing digital, achieving compound improvements at pace.  With research suggesting that 91% of purchasers say their buying decisions are influenced by Word of Mouth (WOM) and that WOM is behind 20 to 50% of all purchasing decisions, social media is a critical place to convert general interest into sales conversations.  To do that requires buyers to act, something that bots can encourage.

It’s all about accelerated innovation, focusing investments on game-changing improvements, outsourcing and partnering with best-of-breed solutions to amplify gains, and remove tech distractions.  At Newton Day, we envelope data science and bot technology into our conversational pathways approach to give retailers first bite of new buying opportunities, so they control the narrative before their competitive peers do.  What this means for buyers is the MOST CONVENIENT way to start a conversation, the LEAST PATH to financial approvals, and TIMELY REMINDERS served up by machines, progressed all the way through to bookings.

We call it CUSTOMER ACTIVATION; knowing what buyers want at any point in the digital journey, and servicing that need.

Attract buyers in digital ways

Most customers spend 80% of their buying journey online.  Make it easy for them to take the next action.

Social media is a powerful extension to your website.  Our in-app prompts show buyers the ideal next action across your marketing channels—WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, web, etc. Reach out to your audience with a post and immediately engage them in useful conversations.

Move sales conversations online

Book a test drive

Explore finance options

Email me directions to the nearest showroom

We look forward to your call

Trade my vehicle

Chat to a salesperson


  • Uncomplicate your customer journey
  • Turn enquiries into conversations
  • Instantly start a personalised onboarding process
  • Remind customers to re-connect when they leave early — capturing Facebook user ID, WhatsApp number (etc.) means we can run abandoned cart strategies

With INTNT.AI, user engagement levels shot up by 55%.

Sharon Lee

GM, Ichibankuji Singapore

INTNT.AI has turned our bot around. Our escalation to live-chat has dropped from 21% to 6% while customer satisfaction has increased from 1 to 4 out of 5 star.

Andy Leong

Senior Product Manager, FWD Insurance

Increase sales conversations with AI chatbots

Imagine being able to serve sales enquiries, service bookings, parts enquiries, and other customer needs 24/7.

Chat and voice bots are great in theory, but are known for misinterpreting what buyers want. The solution is to constantly train them, which is a slow, manual activity that requires expensive IT skills.

Not with INTNT.ENGINE.  It’s an online SaaS platform that auto-processes your chatlogs every month applying Natural Language Processing to understand what your customers WANT, not what they TYPE.


Showroom salespeople repeatedly miss ‘intents’

Your customers have already completed 80% of their buying journey before they enter your showroom, coming in with a clear agenda.

Good salespeople are trained to listen to customers.  But when they’re motivated by commission, their priority is to sell, not to serve.  From our experience, showrooms consistently fail to serve up what customers want, when they want it. 

The solution is to re-visit the customer experience from the customer perspective.  Newton Day consultants do precisely that, with our mystery shoppers and conversational mapping expertise, we fine-tune showroom etiquette and protocols.



  • Reduce missed sales opportunities
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Minimise cost of sale

Make online applications simpler and more personal


  • Make every application process the best experience for customers by respecting their needs and being alert to financial vulnerabilities
  • 40% of applications are abandoned. Minimise abandoned carts with a smart digital applications process.
  • Manage FCA compliance risk by installing safeguards in your onboarding process to treat every customer fairly

Many buyers want to know if they can afford a vehicle before engaging in a sales discussion.  Progressing finance enquiries online speeds up the buying cycle, closing deals faster. 

With PrinSIX, every online application is personalised with an AI-driven real-time decisioning engine that integrates with Equifax credit scoring, Open Banking, lender systems, and other data source to minimise the time it takes to complete an application, while maximising profitability and minimising FCA compliance risk for vendors.

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