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Hello, I’m Ian Tomlin.  Welcome to our site at Newton Day.

Marketing technology products will always be a challenging discipline, largely because it’s a constantly changing field.  My career began in sales before shifting gear into marketing and business consulting. My interest lies in what makes technology work for people, and how the mechanics of markets and business management work to turn technology ideas into success stories.

During my 30+ years of marketing, I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with some fantastic large corporations and exciting startup brands.  Even today, I’m constantly learning. The greatest buzz I get in this job happens when presenting back a brand story, pitch deck, or web landing page design back to a client, and they say something like, ‘That’s it! That’s us to a tea.’ It’s then when you know you’re on track to doing a great job for your client.

Marketing is a team game.  That’s why I began Newton Day with my daughter and son in 2019 to create a marketing consulting business capable of not just advising, but delivering the full gamut of services now required by tech marketing businesses, from strategy and brand to product release–and everything in between.

When you’re ready to have a conversation, let’s talk. Ian.


Julian Graham Rack
PrinSIX Ltd

Bilal Itani
Modular Technologies

Marc Laporte
EvoluData Inc.

“Our USP started out as our technology.  Now, it’s our presence in the industry. Thanks, Newton Day.”

Michael Chambers, Chairman, Answer Pay

“Working with Newton Day takes you out of your comfort zone. You don’t talk about features anymore, but customer problems.”

Marc Laporte, CEO, EvoluData

“You went above and beyond to put yourself in our shoes, apply your expertise… you give us a lot more motivation to work on our marketing.”

Bilal Itani, CEO, Modular

“We were looking for someone who could challenge our thinking, simplify our thinking; take our deep understanding of our topic and make it more consumable.”

Julian Graham-Rack, CEO, PrinSIX


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