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We help large organizations to embrace digital disruption in their strategy and marketing.

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Your Digital Adventure

The pace of change has amplified the need to think outside the box … to go digital, be customer first, personalised, conversational, and concentrating on the small things that make buying journeys zing—that sort of thing.


At Newton Day, our job is to shine a light on the bright ideas that change the world.  We help C-Suite executives to transition from analogue to digital engagement strategies.


Great credentials, but can you share them?

Customer reviews, testimonials and case stories are critical to sales success.

Buyers read an average of 10 online reviews before trusting a business, and positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more. Simply by displaying reviews on your website can increase conversion rates by 270%!

That’s why your business can’t leave the process of harvesting, managing and publishing credentials to chance. Our Credentials Service is supported by an online SaaS platform that will industrialize your approach to maximizing your customer voice to influence future buyers.


    Exponentially grow your credentials to:

    • Increase website Call to Action activation
    • Boost the impact of your online promotions
    • Increase sales

    Is your sales approach data driven?

    Do you know which customer targets represent your best (most profitable) prospects? Post-cost of sale, are you actually making a profit on your deals?

    The fragmentation of data across back-office systems can make it almost impossible for sales and marketing leaders to know how to focus their efforts and energy.
    Our Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) bring clarity and focus to decisions that impact on sales performance.


      • Real-time appreciation of customer metrics
      • Focus on your most profitable customer audience
      • Align product and engagement approach to audiences, to design more impactful campaigns
      • Remove demands on execs for reporting
      • Understand your channel opportunities
      • Bring clarity to your customer voice

      Great brand, but is it authentic?

      Every brand must have a purpose. What’s yours?

      No-matter what your business size and dynamics, your brand needs to deliver on its promises—to do what it says it does. To make a fighting fit narrative, you need to deal with your back-office.

      We work with your executive team to make sure the things your business says it does actually happen, thereby creating a platform for effective marketing conversations. Things like: workforce onboarding and learning, internal communications, reputation management, workforce recognition, appraisals, policies and processes, customer experience coherency, etc.


        • Reinforce your brand persona and story
        • Increase volume/quality of stakeholder references
        • Attract and retain the best people
        • Improve the performance of your teams

        Customer Experience Suffers WITHOUT a Digital Platform to Support it

        Every technology business needs a stand-out online customer experience.  That means adapting business systems and activities; to allow customers serve themselves, gain access to services 24/7, to enjoy the transparency of knowing what’s happening to their orders and enquiries.

        Drill down and you’ll likely find that many of your business critical workflows soon move offline, requiring documents and humans-in-the-loop to deliver them.

        We create digital platforms one app at a time to transform the digital opportunity; adopting hyperautomation methods and techniques to fast-track developments using codeless software tools built for large-scale enterprise adoption.

        Your tailored digital platform will amplify the ‘uniques’ that exist in your value proposition.


        • Transform customer experience
        • Reduce or remove human-in-the-loop and document processing costs
        • Speed up time to value on solutions
        • Reduce IT costs
        • Better leverage the value of data

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