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Newton Day Publishing is the publishing arm of Newton Day. Established in 2017, the business publishes eBooks and articles for Newton Day, its author community and clients.

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When time is money, our management insights series eBooks are written to equip business people with modern skills and know-how in the shortest possible time. The60minuteExpert Management Insights Series of eBooks has been written for busy managers that want to stay abreast of emerging business topics but generally don’t have time in the day to read.

  • Become an expert in 60-minutes with our easy-read format
  • Every book is packed with ideas, case examples and sound advice on the ebook topic
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  • Bonus content in most cases includes 45, 60 or 1-year plans and checklists!

2019 eBook Titles

Above and Beyond Brand

If you run a business (or want to) you’ll know that customers are everything.  You‘ll need ‘custom’ to drive the growth of your business empire—lots of it!  Making your brand stand out and mean something to buyers will be a key ingredient of your success.  This 60-minute ebook will equip you with the know-how you’ll need to make your brand work; to draw in more custom and increase customer loyalty. Read this 60-minute guide if you are a business leader, you make decisions affecting the brand strategy of your business or your role is to market or sell products and services—and you want to know how to do it more effectively!

Above and Beyond Conversational Marketing

ABOVEANDBEYOND Conversational Marketing

Your customers today Want-What-They-Want-When-They-Want-Itand they don’t like to be sold to.  
If you want to win them, you’re going to have to engage them in conversation—on their terms—to win their trust. 
When over 41% of the buying process today involves prospective buyers snacking online, exploring what products or services are out there to meet their needs and get their jobs done, your business needs to know how to make conversation. It might just become your greatest competitive advantage.  
If you want your business to succeed, you probably already know deep down that you can’t leave to chance that those conversational paths that lead to your door will ‘just work’.  You will need to plan, populate, orchestrate, automate, watch and tweak them; not just once, but time and again.
This ebook offers guidance on how to engage with existing and prospective customers in conversation—profitably.

Above and Beyond Business Intelligence


Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is quoted as saying, “If you don’t understand the details of your business you are going to fail.”
In a digital era, businesses operate on data.  Much of their opportunity is programmed into inbound marketing schemas and their operational performance depends on data analytics to execute hundreds of decisions based on fact—not gut-feel—to fine-tune internal processes and minimize sales costs. 
This guide is intended for business executives and departmental leaders that recognize a need to equip their organizations with the technology tools and operational behaviors required to become data-driven.  It includes cases stories, short sidebars on related ‘red flags’, hints and tips and a recommended 60-day action plan template. Taken together, we hope the ideas presented here will inspire you to realize the obvious rewards that rich data intellect can bring to our business.

Implementing the GDPR


This guide is intended for heads of departments, company secretaries, financial leaders, executives and members of the board.  It introduces the GDPR and its implications on how businesses and business people need to re-think how they operate, work with personal data and make decisions. It proceeds to offer insights into the challenges facing Organizations to ‘ingest’ the GDPR into their day-to-day company operations and behaviors.  It also includes a road-map for adoption based on good practices developed by data protection and organizational change practitioners; incorporating tools already embraced by a growing community of large and small enterprises across the United Kingdom.

Office Equipment Purchasing

Office Equipment Purchasing

This guide is intended for procurement professionals and office equipment decision influencers. It offers guidance on how to maximize the value of office laser printing (and equipment) investments and sign-posts what is ‘state-of-the-art’ and ‘best practice’ when it comes to choosing the best-fit office equipment solution for your enterprise.

Above and Beyond Office Security


This document is intended as a simple introduction to the subject of office workplace security for business leaders, procurement professionals and office equipment decision influencers. It offers guidance on how to protect the office workplace.  Much of the content originates from my experiences of working as part of the award-winning Canon-Europe Security team from 2015 to 2019 and advising its customers and partners on how to leverage methods and technologies to improve data security in the workplace.

Building a Stretch Growth Strategy


‘Your company needs to grow’, or so say the books, articles, blogs and news-feeds.  What’s less clear is how a business is meant to do that.  As a consultant, Ian Tomlin has been at the forefront of helping businesses to grow and overcome their obstacles for over two decades working with organizations including Ernst & Young, Accenture, PA Consulting, Transport for London, The Energy Savings Trust and Canon Europe Ltd.  This guide includes the experiences, methods and know-how to help you to design and navigate an effective growth strategy for your business.

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