Drive engagement with on-page digital solutions

Want a sticky website? Online learning content increases retention by 25% to 60%.

Research Institute of America

Before prospective customers buy, they look to discover and learn more. By offering instant start value, you step ahead of the competition.

More and more digital businesses are employing virtual assistants, rich media brochures and eLearning tools to educate their customers online and help site visitors immediately begin to invest in your offering.

A Newton Day, we’ve worked with tech industry partners to develop proprietary design tools that allow us to publish rich media educational content FASTER – without a drop in quality.

The courses, eBooks, setup assistants and ROI calculators we produce are published in XHTML to dedicated URLs that can be tracked, so you know the content site visitors care about; even which sections of your content are drawing the most interest.

Additionally, we can produce articles that adapt according to a visitor’s native language according to their IP address.

Let’s say you want to boost your ability to engage with prospective customers on your website.  Rich media and interactive digital engagement tools offer you a host of new options.  They increase CTA rates, lead site visitors along the buying cycle, and turn more clicks into cash.

Check out the options below to see how you could be engaging with your audience, driving traffic to your website, and encouraging site visitors to act.


Rich Media Brochures

Rich media brochures can include interactive content, transitions, 2D/3D auto-build charts, maps and video content to bring your offer to life.

Virtual Assistants

A VA steps site visitors through a quick tour of how your product/service works and brings value.

Training Academy

A training academy engages with your buyer audience not only on your product, but on the subject they care about.


Custom Projects

Whether you want to create a RoI calculator, metaverse always-on event, or some other digital campaign engagement tool, we can provide you with a design and build quote.

Take your next step today.