Make Every Day a Newton Day

There’s nothing better than living in the moment and breathing everything in, right? Just ask a Mayfly.

The scientist with the weird hair, Albert Einstein, famously said, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’ At Newton Day we’d agree. Some fresh ‘outside-in’ thinking can really help to unblock log-jams and stimulate ideas whenever you hit a crossroads.

Newton Day is named after Sir Isaac Newton and that famous moment when our hero Isaac (or so the story goes) got smacked on the head by an apple and discovered gravity. Seeing the same old problems in a new way can produce eureka moments.

The management team at Newton Day believes that every human being is unique and has a gift. We believe giving everyone an equal opportunity to shine in this world is a basic human right which is why we thrive on diversity. And it’s not right when organizations use your data without your knowledge or consent (which is why we don’t do it). We don’t talk about diversity, inclusion or data privacy too much. We just do it. Blend these things together – living in the moment, outside-in thinking, eureka moments, giving everyone an opportunity to shine, respecting the privacy of others – and you create what we describe as a Newton Day.

For our team, every day is a Newton Day!

Isn’t that the sort of creative marketing partner you’re looking for?