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About this Guide

Your customers today Want-What-They-Want-When-They-Want-It and they don’t like to be sold to.  

If you want to win them, you’re going to have to engage them in conversation—on their terms—to win their trust. 

When over 41% of the buying process today involves prospective buyers snacking online, exploring what products or services are out there to meet their needs and get their jobs done, your business needs to know how to make conversation. It might just become your greatest competitive advantage.  

If you want your business to succeed, you probably already know deep down that you can’t leave to chance that those conversational paths that lead to your door will ‘just work’.  You will need to plan, populate, orchestrate, automate, watch and tweak them; not just once, but time and again.

This eBook offers guidance on how to engage with existing and prospective customers in conversation—profitably.


It benefits anyone who makes decisions around marketing strategy for a business, who’s focus is to sell products and services to other companies—and you want to know how to do it more effectively.

What you will learn

  • What business conversational marketing is
  • Why a conversational path is so important to B2B businesses  
  • The theory behind conversational marketing
  • How to design a conversational path for your business
  • What it takes to fuel your conversational marketing engine

There are five parts to this guide:

1. An introduction to making conversation profitably

2. Design—Creating a Conversational Path for your business

3. Operation—Powering your conversational marketing

4. Orchestration—Maximizing the value of your economic engine  

5. Hints and tips—Get the most from marketing spend