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Case studies, testimonials and other forms of credentials are critical to your business.  We outsource your end-to-end case study publishing supported by an always on SaaS platform.

Hire an agency for managing credentials to maximize ‘word of mouth’


Looking for a Case Study Writer? Why not go a step further?  Make the production of customer references a robust business-critical process.

Newton Day offers a specialist service—underpinned by our SaaS platform—to manage the origination and publication of testimonials, quotes and case studies.

Our expert writers can help you to capture the perfect case study and build up the credentials your business needs to build trust.  We can do this not just once, but many times, by turning your credentials into a competitive weapon.


Why write case studies and testimonials?

Customer references play a key role in building buyer trust and helping to win new business. Whether yours is an online product business or a professional service offering, buyers will want to know you have experience, and track record, in solving problems like theirs.

Why choose Newton Day?

We’re a tech marketing agency with a track record in helping our clients to grow their credentials evidence through the production of case studies, testimonials.  We’ve developed SaaS software and processes to manage the lifecycle of producing credentials.

Like to learn more? 

Our Case Study and Testimonials team is capably managed by Chloe Mumford. Get in touch.


Outsource your case study writing with our credentials management service

There are five components to our credentials management service

1. MANAGEMENT – We project manage the selection, sourcing origination and publishing of credentials from cradle to grave

2. ORIGINATION – We have professional technical writers and editors with vast experience of working with technology businesses. We also have videographers and producers with the know-how to capture your case study in the best way.

3. PUBLISHING – Our Software-as-a-Service platform will equip your business with a way to manage  credentials content and scheduling.  Your customer data is always secure, yet key stakeholders have instant access to credentials via an always-on system that can be integrated with your CRM.

4. AMPLIFICATION – It’s not enough to write a case study or testimonial; to get the most out of your ‘evidence of value’ you’re going to need to shout it out to the world. Our digital marketing and public relations teams can help turn your relatively small piece of evidence into a big newsworthy splash.

5. ADVISORY SERVICES – We work with your management team to identify the best credentials to drive your business success and develop an annual agenda to make it happen.

Making credentials work for your business

The importance of trust

Digital Marketing has boosted the importance of positive customer and stakeholder credentials. Your online presence provides the perfect place to showcase the value offering bring to your buying audience. How do you turn YOUR credentials into a competitive weapon?

10 tips on writing dynamite case studies from a testimonial writer

We’ve interviewed our in-house testimonial writing expert to surface the best ideas on how to turn good case studies into stand-out articles

Case study benefits

Why is it worth investing into a system and process for creating compelling credentials?


How to write a case study

Top tips on how to get the most from your case study and testimonial writing

Video testimonial platform

Which is the best video testimonial platform for your business?  Read our latest roundup.

The mediums

What mediums now exist to promote your goodness, and when should you employ them?

What it's like to be a freelance case study writer

What mediums now exist to promote your goodness, and when should you employ them?

PRAISE – SaaS case study software to manage your credentials end-to-end

It’s not easy to manage credentials process.  What goes wrong?

Sourcing case studies and credentials sounds straightforward (‘just ask a customer to say some nice things about us’) but it isn’t.  

Salespeople are often charged with finding case studies (after all, they’re the people that so often need them!).  The problem with this plan is that salespeople are busy and focused on a different purpose.  They need an easy way to share knowledge of case studies and, ideally, have someone do the hard work for them.

Growing a pipeline of case stories, testimonials and positive quotes is relentless, time consuming, and requires competencies in interviewing and writing that aren’t always easy to find.

PRAISE is a modern cloud deployed case study software used to manage the sourcing, production and publication of case studies and customer testimonials.

It does the following things:

  • Gathers audience information in a secure repository, profiling the audience based on size, type, location, industry, etc.
  • Coordinates case study interview schedules with prospective targets
  • Manages the publishing and sign-off process for articles
  • Distributes articles to social media channels
  • Provides a secure and always accessible repository of case studies and other credentials


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Customers and Prospects

Talk to and interview your existing customers to gather evidence of your product or service value, and your ability to deliver it.


Bring clarity to your workforce on the value you deliver to customers by sharing with them reviews, testimonials, case studies, etc.


Ask suppliers to recommend your products or service and explain why they like it.

Shareholders and Investors

Ask your existing investors and other reputable investment experts to explain why your business is worth investing in.

Professional Advisors and Experts

Evidence to industry watchers, analysts and subject-matter bloggers that you’re great at what you do by gaining evidence from other professionals and experts.

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