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Ian C. Tomlin

Supercharge your B2B Technology Marketing initiatives by acquiring the know-how to engage with your customers and prospects (2019).


Are you interested in B2B Technology Marketing?  Are you responsible for the ATTRACT, RETAIN or GROW stages of the customer sales lifecycle?  

When over 41% of the buying process today involves prospective buyers exploring what products or services are out there to meet their needs and get their jobs done, your business needs to know how to make conversation. It might just become your greatest competitive advantage.  If you want your business to succeed, you probably already know deep down that you can’t leave to chance that those conversational paths that lead to your door will ‘just work’. You will need to plan, populate, orchestrate, automate, watch and tweak them; not just once, but time and again.

This ebook for B2B Technology Marketing practitioners offers guidance on how to engage with existing and prospective customers in conversation—profitably.

What you will learn

  • Everything you should know about conversational marketing
  • Why conversational paths are critical to B2B businesses
  • How to design a conversational path for your business
  • What it takes to fuel your conversational engine

There are five parts to this guide:

  1. An introduction to making conversation profitably
  2. Design—Create a Conversational Path for your business
  3. Operate—Power your conversational marketing
  4. Orchestrate—Maximize your economic engine
  5. Hints and tips—Get the most from marketing spend

Read this if…

You make decisions around B2B Sales Enablement for your business, your job is to attract, retain or grow customers—and you want to know how to do it more effectively


We’re always keen to learn about your experiences of B2B sales and marketing success (and challenges).  We’re also naturally inquisitive on how helpful our advice and materials are to marketing practitioners that have the job of orchestrating their conversational marketing agendas.

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BUSINESS CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING IS ABOUT winning business time and again by mastering the art of making conversation with the people that matter to your business (i.e. your customers and products) repeatedly day-after-day.

In business conversational marketing, the Content of the Audience is more important than the Content of the supplier.

Why? Because suppliers have an exceptional understanding of their own subject and any content related to it. What they lack is the contextual understanding of who their audience is, what their prospective buying audience is trying to do, what they care about, how they frame their challenge—and where they go to look for a solution.



About the Author

Ian Tomlin has been a B2B sales enablement and marketing professional in the tech industry since 1990, experiencing first-hand the transformation of the marketing communications industry from blanket direct mail to modern social marketing.


His first book ‘CEO’s Guide to Business Agility’ written in 2004, describes the move from legacy to modern agile organizational design. In 2006 he wrote his second book on the topic of business social marketing and its move into the cloud, then a new concept of computing on the horizon. ‘Cloud Coffee House’ was followed by his third book ‘Social Operating Systems’ (2009) predicting the future evolution of what have now become comprehensive online platforms like Office365 and Google G-Suite.

In 2014, he turned his attention to the subject of brand management.  The short, easy-read format proved to be popular with busy business professional and this led to the creation of the 60-minute guidebook series for executives.


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