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Why Your Brand Matters

Brand matters because it is the manifestation of a company’s customer value.  Some would go further, to say it is the essence of what makes a company special to its customers and stakeholders.

In the digital age, it’s harder to come up with a great brand.  This is partly because most businesses are required to operate in a global market that’s already congested. Domain names have become more important, and finding a domain name that works for your business won’t be easy.

Creating a brand strategy for your business is a non-trivial challenge.  Your agenda will need to go further than designing a memorable (and hopefully iconic) logo.  To work, brand strategies must be embedded into the norms of behavior of the organization they serve.  The most probable reason why customers will feel disappointed in your brand will be the result of a human failure to deliver on your brand promises.

Buyers want brands to be authentic, a genuine reflection of how a company works, and delivers on its brand promises. 

This has become more important more recently, as consumers care more about the values and behaviors of the brands they invest in than ever before.

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