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This guide (sponsored by describes the many opportunities for re-modeling the workforce emerging for 2020 and how organizations can harness these new sourcing approaches to create a competitive advantage through a more elastic workforce approach.
It’s written for business leaders, human resources professionals and workforce design  professionals responsible for innovation and evolving effective workforce strategies.

Reading Time Approximately 30-minutes (5 Chapters, 37 Pages)

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Chapter Overview


One of the biggest changes the world of business has ever seen is happening right now. The composition of organizational workforces is being redefined by emerging technologies. We can comfortably predict a wave of droids, robots and software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) etc. will come crashing down by 2020, forging a new norm that we don’t recognize today. And, good or bad, it will be an irreparable change. .

1. The Business Climate

Markets are changing structurally more than ever before. Digital innovations encourage consumers and entrepreneurs to re-define what they want and what is possible. The world of 2020 is mind-blowingly different from the consumer-crazed sixties and seventies, and the frugality of the forties and early fifties.

In this chapter, we explore the external factors that are redefining how organizations must operate to survive.

2. Unboxing Assumptions

To minimize the influence of ‘lens distortions’ that influence how we see things today and tomorrow, we must tackle known assumptions head-on and prove them to be unreliable friends.

In this chapter, we expose assumed realities that have largely worked in the same way and shaped ‘norms of behavior’ for decades.

3. Workforce Design in 2020

In this chapter, I explain the influencing levers of your workforce design for 2020. I start by building out some obvious classifications of work activities that shape this frame.

4. Workforce Integrity in a Digital Age

To create elasticity in a workforce design to mirror the needs of a constantly changing digital economy, organizations have to maximize their use of indirect labor while maintaining high levels of addressable capability and integrity. But how?

In this chapter, I walk through the stages of designing, operating and transitioning workforce needs to profile opportunities to add richer capability and integrity into the operation of an indirect labor force.

5. Final Thoughts

In this final chapter, we summarize the take-away messages and key actionable insights.  What impact will these changes have on the customer experience and competitiveness of organizations – and what can you do about it?


Ian C. Tomlin

Ian C. Tomlin is a recognized international management consultant specializing in organizational design, behavior and change.   He has led a career in B2B tech industry sales, marketing and     strategy and is a serial entrepreneur and writer.  He is a regular conference speaker on topics of on-demand workforce, digital transformation, conversational marketing and    business model design and orchestration.  His business books on enterprise technology, marketing and growth topics are       published internationally on Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks.

He can be contacted on Twitter at @tomoontour and on LinkedIn [].

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The 60-Minute Expert series does exactly what it says on the tin! Each of the books equips you with the know-how you need to run your own in-house project on the subject. I find them a great shot in the arm!



Ian has a down-to-earth, sometimes whitty, writing style that makes the content easy to absorb.  The 60-Minute Expert guides are a great format, exactly what busy professionals like me need.

– Daniel Seris, Sales Enablement Professional TECH INDUSTRY


I’m on my third book.  Pity there is one covering BREXIT – I might understand it better!

-Matthew Wrighton, Sales Leader and Motivational Speaker

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