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About Ian Tomlin

Ian Tomlin is co-founder and CEO of NEWTON DAY. He helps businesses tell their story and make conversation profitably. 

As a management consultant and author, he specializes in enterprise innovation and growth.  His background is in tech industry innovation, sales and marketing; having held senior executive positions in Europe and the United States from 1990 to 2015.  In this period, he experienced first-hand the transformation of the business-to-business marketing discipline from analog to digital.  

Ian Tomlin – In Print

Ian’s first book ‘CEO’s Guide to Business Agility’ written in 2004, describes the move from legacy to modern agile organizational design.  In 2006 he wrote his second book on the topic of business social marketing and its move into the cloud, then a new concept of computing on the horizon. ‘Cloud Coffee House’ was followed by his third book ‘Social Operating Systems’ (2009) predicting the future evolution of what have now become comprehensive online platforms like Office365 and Google G-Suite.

In 2014, he turned his attention to the subjects of personal development and brand management publishing two guides, one giving advice to newcomers entering the business world on how to achieve more from their careers.  This led to the creation of the AboveAndBeyond range of guidebooks for executives.  

He writes fictional novels under the pseudonym of Christian J. Browning.

Ian Tomlin – Career 

Starting his life as a professional shoemaker, he joined the tech industry in 1990 after a period in local government and has spent most of his career at the leading edge of B2B marketing innovation.

He created the management consulting business NDMC Ltd in 2001.  In 2002, he worked with a small team to create ENCANVAS; the first and only code-less applications design and deployment platform that gives non-technical people the ability to individually create enterprise scalable business applications.  In 2006, he created a technology similar to WhatsApp called SQUORK and in 2009 a container cloud computing platform that simplified the deployment of cloud applications.  He continues to sit on the board of several start-up hi-tech businesses. 

Today, he advises business leaders on how to tell their story and establish conversational marketing strategies.