Thoughts on Brand

If you’re looking for ways to improve your brand experience, then you’ll need to achieve more than ‘the norm’ in customer service performance.

Brand Experience is the one thing that all businesses need to get right if they want to keep the customers they’ve worked to win.

The team at Newton Day runs workshops to help your business engineer its best first impression.

We also:


  • Instil positive ‘norms of customer experience behavior’ in your team to deliver your brand promise
  • Shape your offer
  • Tell your story

Every brand needs a purpose these days. Your business needs a reason to exist that’s bigger than ‘making money.’
We think, if you’re looking for ways to improve your brand experience, it starts by knowing WHY your organization exists. WHY you exist is every bit as important as WHAT you do to produce value for customers. Working out WHY can be a challenge sometimes. That’s why having a brand experience that goes above and beyond what customers expect (i.e. being an ‘above and beyond brand’ really matters!)


To become an Above and Beyond Brand you’re going to need more than creative logo design and brand rules. You’ll also need to:

  • Know what your customers want to talk about
  • Grind out agreement on your goals and brand value
  • Agree the conversation, the journey and outcomes
  • Form the best marketing engine for you business made from best-in-class tools
  • Clean your business of bad habits and installing good ones
  • Create the rocket fuel that sparks interest in your company


And in a data-driven world, you’ll need to build your brand messaging around the values your customers care about; design content that maximizes the ‘jewel’ in your shop windows and shows an uncluttered view for passing customers.


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